MotoGP, Yamaha in trouble: in 2023 a negative record never seen before

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In the 2023 MotoGP World Championship, Yamaha will have to live with an even more critical situation. How to get out?

Yamaha, in 2023 a unique case – MotoriNews

After the glory year, Fabio Quartararo And Yamaha they had to cede the scepter to the Bagnaia-Ducati pairing. One moment historical for the Italian manufacturer and driver, a situation never seen before MotoGP. The French driver and the manufacturer of the three tuning forks count on making up for it as early as 2023, but it won’t be really easy. There are so many obstacles along the way back to victory and it’s not just the eight red racing cars in the category. The same situation current within the Yamaha team does not invite optimism. Then next year the Japanese manufacturer will touch one negative record never seen before in MotoGP and what happened once in the current premier class.

Yamaha, never so few

Let’s go back in time, better said to the historical era 500cc. Yamaha’s debut in this category took place in the early 70s, immediately with a large number of motorcycles and therefore of riders linked to the brand. There have only been once only two bikes in action in the category, a case that remained unique in the legendary half-litre. And the 1995 and Yamaha deploys only Luca Cadalora And Norifumi Abe, on the track in the team colors of another great, Kenny Roberts. The only two to compete all year with a motorcycle entirely from the tuning fork house! The others are ROC Yamaha or HarrisYamaha, or chassis of other manufacturers with only the engine of the Iwata house. Which he had promptly remedied by the following year, avoiding then the repetition of the same situation. Until 2023… In fact, next year Yamaha will only have two pilots in MotoGP, Fabio Quartararo and Franco Morbidelli. In fact, the RNF satellite team moved to Aprilia… It’s a first case for Yamaha in the current premier class, a negative record as well as a worrying situation.

Another problem

Yamaha it will certainly not be in an advantageous situation. Suzuki is gone, all other manufacturers have at least four bikes. The difficulty have already seen each other clearly this year, having fewer M1s in action means harvesting much less data than what others will have. With the current problems of motorreturned after the last test in Valencia, is not really the best news… And even if his former champion Valentino Rossi he said no to his VR46 team, we understand how the situation really is criticism. Fabio Quartararo can try again to make the miraclebut against the Desmosedici it becomes harder and harder.