Petrol at 0.013, everyone rushes to fill up: never happened before

Filling up for 0.013 euro: the sensational mistake of a gas station attendant or an ingenious publicity stunt? Where does the incredible story come from.

everyone to fill up with petrol
Gasoline at 0.013 –

We read different incredible stories every day, but the one that arrives today leaves everyone dreaming of being able to repeat a similar experience.

The government has recently announced that starting from December the discount on fuel will be halved: this means that, precisely in one of the “hottest” months of the year as regards departures, we will soon find ourselves facing a new heavy price increase which will make a full tank of petrol or diesel cost much more.

And to think that there are some very lucky motorists who, even if for a very short time, have had the incredible opportunity to do something refueling at just 0.0014 euros per litre.

Many think it was a publicity stunt to attract attention, but given that at this price the petrol would be practically free, it is more likely to think of a sensational mistake.

Petrol at 0.0014 euros per litre: the story that comes directly from Finland

The news unfortunately does not come from Italy, but from Turku, a small town in Finland. Victims of the error have been three state chain ABC refueling pumps: in as many service stations, in fact, passing motorists found themselves able to fill up at a price never seen before.

Full petrol
Full tank –

Needless to say, it generated scenes worthy of a comedy film, with kilometric rows of cars ready to refuel to take advantage of the unwanted “discount” from the chain. Inevitably, many showed up with cars, trucks, vans and so on full of bins with which to stock up on fuel for the future.

It is not clear why the service station workers did not immediately stop operations: it is easy to think that the fact that it occurred in three different pumps of the same chain at the same time simply means that the problem was not manageable immediately and had to wait before that it resolved.

Of course, the pumps could be closed, but some might have thought it brought publicity to these stations. Those who did not know them now will never forget them and could return in the future as a sign of recognition or hoping for a new “mistake”.

The mistake of the Finnish distributor
The mistake of the Finnish distributor –

The fact is that even if the problem has since disappeared, this has caused enormous problems for the filling stations. A person, evidently oblivious to the consequences of his gesture, decided to introduce himself with a 1000 liter tank filled to the brim. The price of this fill? Only 14 euros.

Yes, we know you’re already thinking that with 14 euros we can at most have enough petrol to cover a few days without making big trips. We don’t all have the same “fortunes” even if, joking aside, in these cases it would be correct not to take advantage of it.

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