Put a towel on the license plate to enter the ZTL area, the reason will amaze you

The ZTL are a trap, there are those who don’t notice the signs indicating the restricted traffic area and pass the same and those who think they can’t be fined apply tricks that in most cases don’t work.

ZTL trick
ZTL trick – Motors.News

In any case, both in one and in the other, dizzying fines (and not only) arrive. Over the last few years there have been many motorists who have suffered complaints and received fines for violating the restricted traffic zone in their own country or traveling outside the country.

Unfortunately this proves that we have to always be careful while driving.

Ztl and rules that not all motorists respect

The rules concerning the ZTL are many, unfortunately not everyone knows them. But the law does not admit ignorance, so the advice is to find out what is best to do and what are the disadvantages of applying various tricks.

Gerardo Della Ragione, mayor of Bacoli, a municipality located in the province of Naples, spoke about this, addressing the citizens who violate the ZTL of Poggio, Pennata and Marina Grande, particularly in the summer, he says “You are barbarians”.

Many motorists during the summer months have not respected the ZTL, someone has put tricks into practice, in order to pass without paying and respect the limits imposed by the highway code.

A trick that many have implemented is that of the towel left dangling from the trunk to cover the license plate. In this way, many thought they could evade the cameras in order not to receive a fine, wrong.

Motorists hardly noticed that after the cameras there were also police checkpoints who obviously stopped them, then reported them and fined them.

ZTL fines
ZTL – Motori.news

What happened to the crafty people who didn’t respect the ZTL

All the drivers who thought they were smartthey justified themselves by saying that they wanted to go to the beach for a swim and that they didn’t realize they had left the towel hanging out of the trunk.

Then someone preferred to be sincere and therefore tell the truth, declaring that they did not want to reach the sea on foot and that they had tempted fate. Finally, there were those who fearlessly said they didn’t give a damn about the Ztl and the rules.

Any of them, regardless of the justification givensuffered a criminal complaint for violation of the Criminal Code article 490. The mayor recently wrote a post on Facebook stating that these people are not welcome in the city, asking them to stay away from them.

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