Did you know that mirrors have a secret function? Nobody knows yet

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Car mirrors hide a function that you may not have known: you will immediately go and try it after reading our article.

Car mirrors
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Our cars can hide all kinds of secrets. Mind you, we are not talking about absurd knowledge hidden from every individual, but about little goodies which can sometimes help us to have advantages in driving or handling the car.

In today’s article we talk specifically about outside rear view mirrorbut first a little history: did you know that it was introduced in Italy with a legal obligation in January of 1977? Since then, all cars marketed in our country must be equipped with mirrors which, of course, we are well aware of by now.

Its invention dates back to the 1911in particular for an intuition of the racing driver Ray Harroun who thus won the historic Indianapolis 500 mocking the opponents with a simple but brilliant idea.

How did the others do? They were cforced to bring a mechanic with them that he watched their backs, informing them of oncoming cars. In short, you understand well that Harroun, in this way, has taken off a real “weight” obtaining a conspicuous advantage that has allowed him to win the race.

Car mirrors
Car mirrors – Motori.news

Let’s go back to the present day: the latest generation rear view mirrors are equipped with all the latest driver support technologies, such as reversing cameras or self-heating glass for winter. In addition to this, they can hide a small but very useful secret.

The “secret” of car mirrors: you didn’t know this function

Let’s immediately specify that it is a function that is not present in all cars, but it does come inserted as standard in some brands such as Audi, Volvo and Volkswagen. By engaging reverse gear, in fact, the car mirror on the passenger side tilts automatically to give you the best possible view of the curb you are approaching.

This way you manage to prevent the wheels from touching the surface and you can also keep an eye out for any passing pedestrians or cyclists that can pop up suddenly without you realizing it.

A naturally very useful function that goes in tandem with the camera in the center rear view mirror or, as happens with the latest generation cars, directly on the infotainment system display.

Car mirror
Car mirror – Motori.news

This is also something that comes standard in some cars, while in others it is an option perhaps a little too expensive but which becomes incredibly useful, especially when associated with the front and rear parking sensors.

If the car is still equipped with the system we have talked about, perhaps you will pay more attention to it next time. Or, if you are about to buy a new car, you can ask the dealer if it is possible to have it as standard or as an option: once you use it, you risk not being able to do without it.