Windscreen wiper fluid, with 0.20 cents you can prepare it yourself: ready in 1 minute

Windscreen wiper fluid is essential if you want to always have a clean, clear and shiny windscreen, to be able to see through it, enjoying a perfect view when driving your vehicle, at any time.

diy windshield wiper fluid
DIY wiper fluid with 0.20 cents –

TOkeep the windshield clean for safety reasons it is mandatory and not a preference, the law says so. So it is impossible to do without windshield wiper fluid, which allows you to clean all the glass to perfection, making sure that every part is perfectly functional.

The washer fluid must be always present in the engine hood, because this goes to clean the windshield by removing any type of dirt, down to the depths. Similarly the brushes work without scratching the glass.

How to prepare windshield washer fluid at home

All those that we find in specialized shops contain a substance harmful to the environment, as well as to humans, namely methanol. But this is not a real problem, because the product for washing windows, it can be prepared directly at home with certainly better products.

This is an optimal solution too because it’s cheap so it is suitable for all budgets. To prepare the windscreen wiper fluid you need three or four liters of distilled water or the one we use for ironing because it prevents limescale from accumulating, ruining the system.

Glass cleaner should be added to the water, a product that does not foam is recommended because otherwise it soaps the windshield and then rinsing it becomes a problem. Then you shake the bottle with the two ingredients inside to mix the liquids and that’s it.

This way the glass it is clean, fragrant, sanitized, clear and transparent, comes back like new, right out of the factory, without having spent a penny and without effort. But he doesn’t end there, here are two other types of windshield wiper fluid.

Windscreen washer

Windscreen washer fluid for the winter

15 ml of dish soap and about 120 ml of ammonia are added to the distilled water. These products are most recommended for those who often go to muddy terrain and they need a product that can clean the windshield without leaving traces of dirt or streaks.

Finally, here’s how to prepare the detergent suitable for winter, to be poured into the washer fluid container of cars that remain outside in the cold, in places where temperatures sometimes drop toeven below zero for example at night.

To the ingredients which we have already talked about, denatured alcohol is added which allows the detergent not to freeze in cold weather. In this case you need 140, the solution for those who live in the mountains.

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