Petrol costs only €1 here: everyone runs to fill up

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There are some very lucky Italians who can travel a few kilometers and get petrol for 1 euro a litre: this is where this “magic” place is located.

Slovenian petrol prices
Petrol prices –

While not as expensive as last summer, petrol and diesel prices have certainly not come down as much as we would like.

At the time of writing, filling up with “green” can take approx €1.629 per litrewhile they need it around €1,840 for diesel. In short, prices are still high, especially for those who own a diesel car, and which would increase more if we consider the motorway service stations.

A dear energy which, as we well know, also affects gas and electricity, with bills skyrocketing and with the fear that, with the arrival of winter, they risk reaching heights never seen before, unless we make some inevitable renunciations.

We also know, unfortunately, how Italy is among the countries where filling up costs more than elsewhere: the fault of the many taxes and excise duties applied to the price, not to mention a pinch of speculation that forces us to sip every fuel reserve at our disposal.

The recently retired government has been working on trying to reduce spending by enforcing one 30 cents discount of the price to the distributor. The newly installed executive will continue along this path trying to prevent the increases from weighing too much on the pockets of Italians.

Slovenia petrol price
Fuel station in Slovenia –

And yet, some of our fellow citizens are certainly luckier than others: it is enough to live a few kilometers from another town, such as Slovenia for example, to fill up at prices that would simply be a dream here today.

Petrol at 1 euro per litre? Here’s where to do it

Yes, precisely in Slovenia, which is a stone’s throw away for those who live in Trieste and in general in the extreme north-east of our country, the cost of a liter of petrol is around 1.34 euros. Yes, you read right. 1.34 euros. How long has it been since we have seen such a price in Italy? We really have a hard time remembering it.

We also remind you that Slovenia can be accessed quite easily and without the need to present documents, unless expressly requested. It will be like changing region.

A discourse which, as mentioned, it’s fine for those who live in those parts. We think of the friends of Trieste, but also of the inhabitants of Gorizia, Monfalcone and other places in Friuli Venezia Giulia that overlook Slovenia.

Full petrol pumps
Fuel pumps –

Otherwise, you should think about it. If on the one hand fill up for 1.34 euros per litre it’s a dream and almost a thrill to be experienced at all costs, on the other hand you should consider that if you start from Bologna, for example, the game would not be worth the candle.

The petrol or diesel you would need to get to Slovenia should still be made in Italy, at Italian prices. All to get to the beautiful Slavic country, fill up with a “super discount” and then come back? No, in that case it’s better to stay at home, unless you want to organize a weekend to visit the cities in the areasuch as Ljubljana.