Motorcycle licence, everything changes: no exam

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Getting a motorcycle license is one of the dreams of many young people, both women and men. Many of these give up the thought of having to take exams and having to spend a lot of money for it.

But apparently something is changingin fact, according to the latest updates, it will soon no longer be necessary to take the exam in order to have a motorcycle licence, because it will be enough to be in possession of a document that will simplify everything.

It is a revolution for motorcyclists, new ways of obtaining a motorcycle licence, long awaited for years. From now on have a driving licence to ride the bike will be child’s play, or almost.

Motorcycle licence, big news is coming on the subject

To have the A3 license and therefore to be able to drive any motorcycle of any engine size and power, you just need to attend a 7 hour course at an authorized driving school, any nearby driving school is fine. The course will therefore replace the practical exam which over the years has shattered the dreams of all those who would have loved to have a motorcycle license and that they eventually had to give up for one reason or another.

Obviously it is important to specify that this novelty does not concern everyone but only some categories of motorcyclists. Therefore, all those who already have the A1 and A2 driving license will avoid the practical exam.

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Motorcycle license –

What changes for those with an A1 license and an A2 license

The A1 license can be obtained from the age of 16, allows you to drive motorcycles with displacements up to a maximum of 125 cm3 and a maximum power of 11 kW. While as regards the second, the A2 license can be obtained from the age of 18 and allows you to drive motorcycles of 35 kW.

Ultimately, those who want to have the A3 motorcycle license and have already held the A1 or A2 license for at least two years, they can skip the practical exam by taking the course in a driving school any by showing up on the day of booking. What is important is to bring all the required documents with you, without which you cannot obtain the driving document.

As much as the procedures may have been simplified over the past few months, it is obviously underlined that, without or with examination, prudence must remain in first place. When driving any vehicle, you must always be careful and scrupulous because you have responsibility for your own life and the life of others.