What is the lever under the steering wheel for? No one knows its true function

The steering wheel hides a small “mysterious” lever underneath it. What is it really for? Let’s try to find out together.

Paddle under the steering wheel
Lever under the steering wheel – motori.news

All modern vehicles are equipped with perhaps little-known systems and tools that make it possible to significantly improve the driving comfort. And we’re not talking about technological options such as heated seats, automatic rear-view mirrors and cameras on the display, but rather more manual little gems that are undoubtedly useful.

One of these allows you to improve posture while behind the wheel, thanks to a lever placed just below the object that allows us to control the car.

It is a function that you probably already know if you have read, at least once, the manual of your vehicle. If, on the other hand, you are among the many people who perhaps do not even know that there is a user manual for their car, make yourself comfortable as we will now explain to you what that mysterious lever that is placed under the steering wheel is used for.

Lever under the steering wheel: what it is for and how to use it

To understand each other better we have only called her “stick under the steering wheel“: in reality it has a very specific name which responds to that of “steering wheel height adjustment lever“. And, yes, that’s exactly what it’s for: thanks to this lever, we can adjust the height of the handlebar according to our height and posture.

Steering wheel
Car steering wheel – Motori.news

The aim is to be able to handle the steering wheel in the most comfortable and above all safe way while driving. We are used to adjusting the height and depth of the seat, sure, but don’t underestimate the importance to have a handlebar that is perfectly consistent with your needs.

Just operate the lever and you will see that the steering wheel will suddenly come down if you don’t hold it with one hand: then, with the same hand, you can adjust it to the height you find most suitable. Driving comfortably isn’t a crime, quite the opposite, it is the best thing to promote comfortable and safe drivingwhich allows you to manage your car even for several hours.

It must be said that in some models the operation of the lever can be slightly different: the most recent and technological machines even have a small controller located on the left, which allows you to manage the height of the steering wheel electronically. This certainly allows for more precise adjustments.

Otherwise, you have to rely on the lever, remembering the two basic rules: hold the wheel from “ten to two” to “quarter to three”one of the first things they teach in driving school.

Steering wheel adjustment
Steering wheel adjustment – ​​Motori.news

If you don’t know how to do it, you must push the lever forward to unlock the steering wheel. After that, position it in the way you prefer, in such a way that it is the most suitable and comfortable for you. In the end, pull the lever back so as to definitively fix the handlebar in the position you have chosen.

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