it will never be the same again

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Motorists around the world are preparing to say goodbye to the parking meter, much to the delight of some.

goodbye to the parking meter
Goodbye to the parking meter –

We have used and seen them for many years and now things are about to change, because apparently we will soon be able to confront each other with devices that in theory should make life less complicated.

Unfortunately this is not always the case because sometimes the introduction of highly technological devices can make things worse than before. Anyway what matters is that finally we got rid of the parking meter.

Farewell to the parking meter, born in 1932

There are people who use them every day perhaps for work reasons and others who do not know what they are for, simply because these objects are not part of the daily routine, obviously they have noticed them around but have never used them.

Parking meters or parking meters are present all over the world where it was necessary to install them by force of circumstances, to regulate paid parking.

The parking meter was invented in 1932 by a journalist, Carl Magee, who wanted to automatically regulate parking in crowded areas of New York in the 1930s.

At the time the idea was absolutely successful, slowly the parking meters also arrived in our country, and not only, but we are talking about the 70s.

From that moment to today obviously the devices placed around the beautiful countryhave been improved, so much so that now you can pay not only with coins, as in the past, but also with a credit card, making everything much easier and faster.

blue stripes parking meter
parking meter –

Here’s how we’ll say goodbye to the parking meter

But now things are changing, thanks to high technology it will be possible to say goodbye to the parking meter once and for all, welcoming the EasyPark app, with which it will be possible to access all parking areas with the blue stripes of 600 cities Italian.

Through applications today we can do everything, for example shopping, recharging, booking a restaurant, requesting take-away food and much more. The innovation now touches the parking lots ready to change the lives of millions of users.

Through EasyPark soon you will be able to pay for your parking, start or stop, without wasting time looking for the nearest parking meter. Probably some people will have problems at the beginning, especially those who are not familiar with the technology.

But then everyone will realize how things can be simplified leveraging on technological innovations which have many disadvantages but certainly many more strengths.