Is it dangerous to fill up with the car engine running? It’s not like you’re thinking

Many people wonder if once you get to the petrol station it is mandatory to turn off the engine of your car. A move most people make. Those who don’t do this are always prompted by the gas station attendant to turn off the engine while the fuel is being dispensed. But is it really that dangerous to keep your car running? Here’s everything you need to know.

Is it dangerous to fill up with the car engine running?
Is it dangerous to fill up with the car engine running? – Motors.News

The refueling it is one of the least pleasant moments to deal with in this particular historical moment. The reason is closely linked to the marked increase in the cost of petrol and diesel in recent months, following the international crisis caused by the outbreak of tension between Russia and Ukraine. But is it dangerous to fill up with fuel with the engine running? Here’s what you need to know.

Turning off the car while refueling is a habitual move, performed by practically all motorists. Furthermore, in various service stations there are also special signs that warn the person behind the wheel to remember to turn off the engine before dispensing fuel.

Even the same petrol stations can ask motorists to turn off the engine in case of forgetfulness. This advice is given both for problems possibly related to safety and to be more sure about another aspect. Which? To prevent the ‘crafty’ motorist from running away without paying for the full tank.

But is refueling with the car running really as dangerous as one is led to believe? Here’s everything you need to know about the risks you face if you act this way.

Full of petrol with the car engine running. Here’s what to know about your risks

Therefore, it is the practice to turn off the car when full. In fact, many think that the risks of this move could cause explosions or other unpleasant things. However, especially on hot summer days or in the cold months, switching off the car – and consequently the air conditioning – when refueling can cause discomfort related to heat or cold. Is it possible to leave the engine running in these cases?

Engine running refueling - Motori.News
Can you keep the engine running while refueling? Here’s all you need to know – Motori.News

Let’s start by saying how leaving the engine running while refueling is a move not prohibited on the card. In fact, if all the internal components of the petrol car should prove to be perfectly functional, there is no safety risk. In fact, the spark plugs and all the engine components capable of sparking – if functioning – are completely insulated both from a thermal and an electrical point of view.

In the event of a malfunction, however, things could change and the risk would greatly increase. In fact, petrol vapors become flammable if the concentrations in the air are included between 2% and 8%. In the event of a malfunction and simultaneous concentration of petrol vapors in the air, the risk of causing an explosion would increase exponentially.

Refueling with engine running - Motori.News
Refueling with the engine running – Motori.News

This happens for petrol-powered engines. What about diesel engine cars? In this case, there is the possibility that the fuel may produce a dangerous foam. It could create malfunctions in the various internal parts of the car, due to the high temperatures.

The risk of explosions, sparks or damage to internal parts of the engine and the car is low. But why take the risk? Our advice is to continue as usual. Turning off the car while full of petrol never hurt anyone.

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