Car park, you can’t put it under the house anymore: it’s happening to everyone

Today there are many cars circulating on the street, which is why finding parking is increasingly difficult. Also because each of us has very specific needs, such as parking in front of the house.

car parking under the house
Car park, you can no longer put it under the house –

Anyone who is content to do more laps consuming fuel unnecessarily until they find the parking space closest to their home, and to get the groceries off the vehicleand to enter without having to walk meters.

There are those who even prefer to park even where they can’t, for example where there is the no parking causing damage, inconvenience and problems to other cars.

Wild parking, what do you risk

Not everybody, we know the rules of the highway code. This is why sometimes motorists behave in a certain way, thinking they are right, but in reality they do not respect the law. Unfortunately the law does not admit ignorance.

There are those who, being in error, apologize, take steps back and pay the fines. And then there is with perseverance he continues to make the same mistakes and finding himself in front of the unfortunate person or the police with arrogance claiming to do what they want.

It happens daily or almost to be forced to call the police to immediately resolve an unpleasant situation, avoiding useless issues with people who are unable to deal with respect and politeness.

Here’s what happened in England due to illegal parking

A similar story comes directly from England and concerns a woman who defended the her rights alone for a long time against the neighborsbut after being cornered she had to call the authorities.

For years, neighbors have parked wildly in her driveway, thus being unable to get in or out of her home. Until one day she thought of asking for explanations.

The neighbors told her not to bother and mind her own business. Of course, the answer pissed her off. Then she found the right way to take revenge. She noticed that there was a construction site at the back of her neighbors’ house.

She inquired about the nature of the construction site, once she understood that it was an illegal, abusive construction site, she called the police. Following the intervention of the authorities, the neighbors were forced to close the construction site and also had to pay a fine of 100,000 dollars.

Here’s another reason why it is recommended to respect the rules, if you want nothing to do with justice. In some cases, however, there is a risk of forced removal of the vehicle.

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