BMW M240i Comes Back to Life After Front-End Repairs

Restoring damaged vehicles purchased from auctions is nothing new. People from all over the world do it all the time and it’s something we all admire. Sure, some cars break down beyond what’s possible and reasonable to fix, but many deserve a second chance at life. This is exactly what happened with the red BMW M240i purchased from the Copart online auction.

Before we get into details, let’s briefly mention that there is a slight error in the video description. It says the clip features an M2, however, you can tell by the engine that this is actually an M240i. An extraordinary car, the red coupe has a 3.0-liter B58 engine under the hood instead of the N55 from the M2.

The first video shows us the condition of the vehicle when it was purchased online – some damage to the front fascia and engine bay, but nothing too dramatic that is beyond repair. After all the spare parts were supplied by the vehicle’s new owner, BMW visited the workshop of Arthur Tussik, whose work we have shared many times This time, the task was to restore the original shape and dimensions of the engine room and install the other parts.

Thankfully, there was no damage to the six-cylinder engine and all the Tussik had to do this time was ensure all angles up front met factory specifications. Skilled mechanics replaced one of the engine compartment side panels with a part taken from a donor car. In the Tussic world, this is not a difficult task and may only take a few hours. Once the new part is welded, it is painted in the main color of the vehicle and protected from corrosion.

The final step in this damaged M240i restoration job is to return all available parts to their respective places. All gaps look good and everything fits as it should. In all, the repair took Tussik 15 hours and the car is now ready to be taken to the paint shop for a full respray of the front end and final assembly.

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