Why is it important that you always have a potato in your car? It saves you from problems

Seeing a potato left in the car by any motorist, perhaps clearly visible on the windshield, is certainly not an everyday thing, yet strange as it may seem, this tuber can solve a very common problem that annoys motorists.

Potato in the car
Potato in the car – Motori.news

In fact, you can find anything by car. There are those who turn their car into a deposit voluntarily and those who just do it because he is distracted, messy, not very attentive.

Those who do it voluntarily choose to keep everything in the car to have everything they need, close at hand at any time.

All the inconveniences that every motorist has to solve in winter before getting into the car

The following trick will probably leave everyone speechless, yet it really works. Just try it for proof. In winter one of the most annoying problems against which we often find ourselves fighting is fogged glass.

In the morning, or at any time of the day, you get into the car, possibly in a hurry but here’s the surprise. As soon as the vehicle is started, the glass fogs up and not even when you turn on the air conditioning or rolling down the window.

At this point there are those who use a dry cloth, those who use the sleeve of their jacket, shirt, whatever they have at hand. This method unfortunately does not work, on the contrary it increases the problems because the windshield gets even more dirty.

The windscreen fogs up because the humidity present inside the passenger compartment, coming into contact with the cold, forms condensation which is deposited on the glass and therefore creates the misting effect.


The do-it-yourself remedies that allow you to clean the windshield of your car in seconds without spending any money

There are spray solutions that can be purchased for a few euros, which allow you to prevent the inconvenience. They are protections that make sure that humidity does not deposit on the glass going to obscure the driver’s view.

But why spend money unnecessarily, if there are natural remedies that give the same result without spending a penny and using something we all have at home? We are talking about a very simple potato.

The potato contains starch, this forms a patina on the glass which prevents it from fogging in seconds with a single pass.

What you have to do is take the potato, cut it and pass it on the glass. Then a clean cloth is used to remove the dirt left by the tuber. The glass will eventually be clean and will no longer fog up.

Then there is a second alternative, that is to use a drop of washing up liquid which is rubbed on a cloth and left to act for a few minutes. Finally you use a clean rag that you can wipe away the detergent residues and that’s it.

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