Telepass free for two years, just make this move: who knew it

The Telepass is a device that allows you to pass through toll booths throughout Italy, without wasting too much time, in just a few seconds, without having to get lost in the search for coins to open the barrier.

free telepass for two years
Telepass free for two years –

There are those who have already paid for the Telepass and therefore have an active subscription and those who would like to activate it but he doesn’t know what to do and how to do it.

Activating the Telepass is convenient for all those who normally travel for study or work reasons, also because they would spend much more passing through the toll booths several times a day, every day.

Telepass, because today one simply cannot do without it

Telepass is a device that improves, it simplifies life and saves money at 360° but you need to know how to use it because it must be placed in a precise point of the car and not by chance inside the vehicle.

If it is applied in a point where it cannot send or receive the signal, you risk blocking the opening of the barrier and having to request the intervention of assistants. Can it can also happen that multiple charges are applied by mistake, which obviously are then reimbursed after verification.

To date there is the possibility of activating the subscription by taking advantage of an offer that is not every day, not to be missed, which allows you to save significant amounts of money. Anyone who becomes a customer by 30 June by downloading the Telepass Pay X app will be able to have the free fee and a toll refund.

Telepass – Motors.News

How the new Telepass Pay X subscription works

This year, for the second consecutive year, Telepass Pay X and Telepass are offering new customers two years of free service with 50% of the toll reimbursement should the motorway check for delays, for work in progress or interruptions.

Those who become Telepass Pay X customers will have the opportunity to take advantage of many mobility-related services, such as the payment of the blue lines, the toll, all the authorized car parks, or even refuelling.

All subscribed users they will be able to book the car wash at home, get around with sharing Mobility therefore bikes, scooters, kick scooters using only an app. The same goes for the purchase of train, ferry and bus tickets.

Last but not least, the ability to pay for the MOT, to take out the insurance, pay the road tax, everything through the Telepass app and smartphone, in just a few seconds.

There are 27 services available, all of which allow you to travel by car for two years, without a rental fee with reimbursement, avoiding the beep on the motorway as well as any inconvenience and delays.

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