€2 and solve your tire problem forever: you’ll never change them again

There is a fairly simple trick, which allows you to understand if the tires are worn out or if they can still be used for some time, saving on the change.

two euros and solve the tire problem
Solve the tire problem with 2 euros – motori.news

The tire change It’s something motorists hate, because it comes with incredibly high expenses that not everyone can afford, especially not now.

This period is very difficult because of the economic crisis that grips us. Many Italian families today also avoid using the car in order not to waste fuel, not to wear out the vehicle, in short, to save on expenses.

There are many who they prefer to travel in rental vehicles or public transport giving up their independence, to save on insurance or vehicle maintenance, circulating always and in any case in order.

Tire change, here’s when the tire is in order and when it is not

Having come winter, the time has also come to change the tires and to replace the summer ones with the winter oneswhich in any case must fall within certain ranges, to be considered safe tyres.

In this particular period of the yearo the highway code in fact does not only require the use of winter tyres or the snow chains always present in the trunk of the car but also the total efficiency of the tyres.

Tires by law must be free from injuries in order not to compromise the safety of those traveling on the vehicle and on other vehicles encountered on the road. Therefore they must have central notches of no less than 1.60mm otherwise they are not good.

If you drive with worn tyres you risk a fine ranging from €85 to €338 with the addition of the deduction of two points from the licence. If the driver is a novice driver, qtherefore a user who has had a driving license for less than 3 years, the points deduction is greater.

winter tires
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The trick that allows you to check tire wear using one or two euros

There is a trick that allows you to check the tires and their wear. Only a €1 coin is used which is swiped across the tread. If the stars on the rim are visible, then the tire thickness is less than the roadworthy size.

If the rubber is the winter one, a €2 coin is used, if the silver edge is out of the groove then the depth is not enough so the tire is not in order.

If you don’t want to use these do-it-yourself tricks, you can buy a depth gauge which costs €10, however, which allows you to measure the tire before leaving and understand if it is in order or if it is necessary to review the tyre.

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