Have you ever noticed this key on your car door? No one knows yet what it’s for

The car door is indispensable because it allows us to get in and out of the vehicle when we need to or to let those requesting a lift get on and off.

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Like everything we use on a daily basis, we don’t pay any attention to it.

So there are some details that escape the eye, but which actually make the difference and which can be useful in some particular emergency situations.

The car door, the detail that makes motorists so angry

When we open and close the door of the vehicle, especially when it is parked next to a wall or obstacle, we are very careful to move slowly. The risk is of hitting the door against a hard surface which damages the paint.

Unfortunately there are those who are very careful and those who are not at all and therefore do the gesture without even thinking about it, damaging the door. A small aesthetic defect can ruin its beauty, so why not take precautions?

For example you can use pads, i.e. stickers that stick to the door at crucial points iin such a way as to avoid damaging the car if the door were to impact against something.

In this way, by spending a few cents, important and serious consequences are avoided which certainly cost much more. QThese pads cushion and soundproof doors. You can fix them on the doors easily, do it yourself.

You buy them, remove the adhesive protection and apply where you prefer by simply passing your finger. Once done, the most worrying problem for those motorists who treat their car as if it were a person is solved.


The detail on the car door that saves lives

But there is a detail that probably escapes motorists who are not exactly attentive, curious, observant, which is hidden behind the door handle. It is a key that opens up a new world.

Behind this new world are hidden accessories that save the life of all those who often travel by car. How many times does it happen to stay without smartphone battery and feeling lost?

Don’t worry, here’s the charger connected in the car thanks to that miraculous button located in the door. Also there is the tire repair spray hidden. In the event of a puncture, instead of calling the tow truck by spending a fortune, spray is used.

This way yes also avoid putting the spare wheelwhich in some cases can become a problem, such as for example for women.

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