400 euro fine immediately

Air conditioning is essential in the summer both in the car and at home. In particular by car it allows you to travel without suffering from the heat, which is why it is a precious and indispensable comfort.

air conditioning risk fine
Air conditioning, risk of 400 euro fine – motori.news

In winter it is used to defrost the windows, while in summer to arrive fresh and calm at your destination without any suffering.

However, there are some details that all motorists should know to avoid receiving heavy penalties deriving from a inappropriate use of the vehicle’s cooling system.

Air conditioning in the car is there when you can use it and when you can’t

The Highway Code, for example, prohibits the use of air conditioning while the vehicle is parked. Whoever stays inside must turn off the engine and consequently the air because the car on when parked causes CO2 emissions that pollute the environment unnecessarily.

Obviously the problem does not exist for those who own an electric car whether they own or rent it, it doesn’t matter because no greenhouse gases are produced, being that no type of combustion takes place.

Electric cars parked with the air conditioning on and therefore with the engine running are not at risk because they do not cause pollution. The prohibitions imposed by the highway code only affect endothermic cars, i.e. all LPG, petrol, diesel and methane vehicles.

The subject is dealt with in article 157 of the highway code. When the vehicle is parked for a long time and therefore the gear is cut off, the car cannot be left running just to keep the air conditioning active because this causes a considerable environmental damage.

Air conditioning on
Air conditioning – Motori.news

Because the highway code imposes this prohibition on all motorists

As trivial as it may seem, air conditioning has a negative impact on the environment around us. But be careful because these rules only apply to parking and not to stops. That’s what the distinction is between the two.

cstop means the interruption of travel for a short period of time, which allows you to keep the vehicle engine running. It happens for example when you are stopped at a traffic light, or when there are pedestrians crossing the road, when you wait for passengers to get off or get off the vehicle.

In all these cases you can keep the engine running and consequently the air conditioning active because you do not risk a fine. A trivial lightness or keeping the engine running while the car is parked may result in a substantial fine.

The fine that you risk in this case ranges from 223 euros up to a maximum of 444. The fight against pollution and waste is happening and will probably never end.

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