Aston Martin Luxury Home Debuts With Automotive Gallery In Japan

As well as building high-end vehicles, Aston Martin is also involved in architecture. The latest creation is the company’s first building in Japan. It is located in the Minami Aoyama area of ​​Tokyo.

Aston Martin designers worked closely with local architects to create the appearance of the four-storey building. The automaker’s team also arranges the interior, including the selection of furniture. The structure’s facilities include an automotive gallery, which is a fancy term for a garage. A wine cellar, home cinema and gym are also luxuries. The terrace on the roof gives a view of Tokyo.

The building’s exterior on one side features black vertical elements covering windows that run the entire width of the structure. Another section has floor to ceiling windows on each floor. Grilles and a small courtyard are on the roof.

The interior has lots of black wood covering the walls and ceiling. One room is under the garage, so the owner can sit there and look at the Aston Martins at eye level.

“On the outside, we’ve created a striking architectural form with clean lines and seamless boundaries so occupants can connect with and feel this unique location. Inside, we cater to the senses, using a holistic combination of elements and materials to create a space that is serene and relaxing for them to rest,” said Aston Martin Chief Creative Officer Marek Reichman.

The Aston Martin home is still under construction. The company expects to complete construction in November 2023.

In 2020, Aston Martin premiered its $7.7 million home of Sylvan Rock which is about two hours from Manhattan. The design features sharp lines and large windows. In addition to the 5,983 square foot home, there is a tree house and three guest houses. The driveway is 2,000 feet long.

Later in 2020, Aston Martin announced it would build five homes on floors 59 and 60 at 130 William in New York City. They have touches like black Italian oak cabinets, a cashmere headboard in the bedroom, and lots of marble in the kitchen. Buyers even have the option of adding a racing simulator room, office or library to their home. Customers also get a special DBX with Parliament Green leather interior, marble stone inlay, and satin walnut trim.

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