The sock trick to never have fogged windows in the car: brilliant

Finding a sock in your car, or seeing one that has it on the windshield wiper, may just seem absurd. There’s actually a crazy reason, once discovered no one will be able to do without it.

Sock in the car
Sock in the car –

The windshield wiper is essential in any season of the year, for any car. It is used to clean the windshield, which must be transparent when driving, because the driver must look through it and always have a clear view to avoid causing accidents.

In particular The windshield needs to be looked after in the winterwhen snow and ice can damage it most of all if the car is left out overnight.

Frozen windshield wipers, this is a common problem

It happens for example that Windshield wipers sticking due to ice or some snow. In this case they do not lift easily and you don’t even need to apply pressure unless you want to cause damage.

The only thing to doand is to wait for full minutes to solve the problem without consequences of any kind. The same thing happens when you have to defoam the glass and clean it, it’s boring, especially if you’re in a hurry and have to go to school or work.

What is recommended is not to pour hot water on the windshield to defrost it or to clean it because the change in temperature, especially in winter, can ruin it and can cause cracks.

So instead of sRaise the windshield wipers in winter, strongly, it is recommended to prevent the problem with the sock trick. Everyone in the house has at least a couple of odd ones.

We do the washing machine, hang out our socks but one is missing. You really have no idea where it might have ended up. What to do with the other left alone? Throw it? Why do that, if there can be clever, clever and interesting second uses?

How to use a sock to solve daily discomforts in winter

By car just slip one on each wiper before the cold, this not only prevents freezing but also facilitates defrosting when starts the car the next day.

In addition, a sock can also be used for the daily routine of car care and cleaning. If the wiper blades are damaged, they must be replaced otherwise the glass will scratch, if you don’t have time, they put on their socks and that’s it.

Once the windshield wipers have operated, the windshield will be spotless, clear and clean as ever. The trick is valid for both the rear and front windshield wipers.

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