Do you know the secret of the window key? Press it for 5 seconds to see what happens

Your car’s window button hides a little secret: hold it down for 5 seconds and find out what happens.

Press and hold the window key
Press and hold the window key – Motori.News

The older ones among us will certainly remember that once having the electronic car window it was a luxury for more modern machines. Now it is very rare to find the old “levetta”, as Aldo, Giovanni and Giacomo would say, because almost all cars are equipped with electronic window control as standard.

The presence of a window lifters of this type certainly allows for greater control by the driver, who can be free to raise or lower all the windows of the car directly from the buttons located next to his position. A useful solution when you want to ventilate or let the hot air out in the summer.

As often happens, all cars can hide little secrets: and this is the case with the button that controls the windows. If he comes pressed for five seconds it will allow you to take advantage of a function that you may not have known about: nothing revolutionary, mind you, but we’re sure that once you’ve discovered it, you’ll go downstairs and try it right away.

What is the use of pressing the car window button for 5 seconds?

We have said that almost all modern cars provide the driver with one dashboard which allows you to check all the windows. Usually, those in the front are certainly electric, but now they are increasingly popular for the rear seats as well.

Car window button
Car window buttons –

However, we were mentioning a secret function, which isn’t that secret after all since it would be enough to read the car’s instruction manual (but who does that?), which is only activated when the engine is off. Self press five times in a row or hold the button for five seconds you can roll the window down or up all the way.

A useful function in the hot season, when maybe you’re in a hurry to let the heat “cool down” a bit, after having left the car cooking in the summer sun, and you don’t want to wait for the car to start. Or in any case you find yourself parked for whatever reason and you are looking for some refreshment: in fact, remember that it is illegal to keep the air conditioning on when the car is stationary.

A little secret that maybe you knew and, if not, will lead you to try it the next time you get in the car. A similar function, however, is integrated in the remote control of some carsespecially the latest generation ones.

Car window open
Car window open –

How many times Have you ever left the windows open after parking? Many, probably, with the trouble of having to start the car again to remedy the error. Well, cars with remote central locking can solve this problem for you remotely.

Enough indeed press and hold the button that closes the doors for a few seconds, to magically see all the windows left open go up after closing the car. You could make it a new habit, so as to be sure you haven’t left any cracks open, perhaps in unsavory areas.

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