Renewal of license, be careful if you have turned 50: everything changes

The license renewal is mandatory and is required by the rules of the highway code. Anyone who doesn’t do it, for whatever reason, and drives with an expired license, risks hefty fines and even worse consequences.

License renewal
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Renewal of the licence it is not for everyone the same in terms of timebecause it changes according to age.

It is advisable to check the expiry date on the document, to avoid being caught at a checkpoint with an expired license. The law does not allow ignorance or misinformation, being in order is more than fundamental.

Renewal of the license at 50, here’s what changes compared to before

License renewal can be requested 4 months before the deadline of the document. The period of validity is equal to 10 years before the age of 50, once the age of 50 is shortened, therefore the license must be renewed every 5 years.

After age 70 every three years, up to the age of 80 when instead it must be renewed every two. Now, following changes to the Highway Code, the renewal of the annual license after the age of 80 could be introduced. The factor that leads to these differences is more one and has to do with advancing age.

The older you get, the more you change, to change are the reflections, for which the law provides for the restriction of the validity of the document which allows the ability of the drivers to be checked, in the hope that this will remain unchanged over time. Otherwise yes evaluate the withdrawal of the document.

Renewal of driving license –

What is needed for the renewal of the license and how much does the service cost?

For license renewal, you need to have documentssuch as the old driving licence, a valid identity document, two passport photos, the receipt or a copy of the paid slips and certifications, for example the obligation to wear glasses following a specialist visit.

Before you have your license renewed, all users of any age are called to face a medical examination during which they must declare whether or not they wear contact lenses or glasses.

In general, the delivery of the new license takes place almost immediately, within a few days you will receive it directly at home. In the meantime, in the event of an expired licence, the driving school issues a replacement document which is valid for 60 days.

With this replacement document the motorist or the motorcyclist, can circulate safely without running the risk of being fined. The cost of renewing the license ranges from 100 euros to 130 euros. It is advisable to always stay informed to avoid taking unnecessary risks.

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