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Two on the motorbike: all the rules of the State Code for those who want to ride a motorbike while also carrying a passenger.

Passenger on motorbike
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Traveling by motorbike for two is one of the most exciting adventures on the road, but what are the rules we must follow to get around dangers and risks?

We are still in the middle of beautiful sunny days, the temperature is still warm and the usual two-wheel enthusiasts are planning their roadtrips on motorbikes. Article 170 of the road law regulates the transport of people and objects with two-wheeled vehicles.

An important thing is the free movement of the arms and legs

The first clarification in the law on the road concerns the freedom of movement of those who drive a two-wheeled vehicle. Indeed, the law on mopeds says that the driver must be able to use arms, hands and legs completely and freely.

two on the bike
Two in motion – motori.news

Another very important thing is the posture. The pilot must sit in the correct position and hold the handlebar with both hands, and only in case of appropriate maneuvers will he be allowed to use only one hand. Plus, no driver can drive lifting the front wheel.

What does the law say?

To vehicles, motorcycles and mopeds is transport of children is prohibited under the age of 5. In the case of mopeds, if the passenger’s seat is not clearly indicated on the registration certificate and the driver is no more than 16 years of age, it is forbidden by law to carry passengers.

In this type of two-wheeled vehicle, the passenger carried by the driver must sit in a stable and balanced positionin a position determined by the relevant equipment of the vehicle itself.

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Two in motion – motori.news

Drivers of two-wheeled vehicles are prohibited from being towed and to tow other vehicles. Also, it is absolutely impossible to transport items without good insurance. Furthermore, the objects they must not protrude more than 50 cm beyond the vehicle axis or longitudinally to the vehicle geometry. Otherwise, it would block and limit the driver’s view.

However, within these limits, animals can be transported on a motorcycle, in compliance with the Highway Code. But it is important to keep the animal in a special cage or other container.

The fines can be very steep

Motorcyclists who violate the provisions described above are likely to receive administrative fines of payment of an amount ranging from a minimum of 83 euros to a maximum of 332 euros.

Persons who violate the provisions of paragraph 1 bis (prohibition to transport minors under the age of 5) are subject to administrative sanctions of a payment of an amount ranging from 165 to 660 euros.

For the violations of paragraph 1 committed by drivers under the age of 16, and the violations of paragraph 2 for the transport of persons, the pecuniary administrative sanction will be added 60 days of administrative detention of the vehicle. The detention is 90 days if the moped or motorcycle commits one of the crimes under paragraph 1 and paragraph 2 at least twice in the space of two years.

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