Toyota Camry Wood Engraving Is Automotive Art For The Masses

Wooden automotive replicas are nothing new to us here Motor1. However, most of the vehicles turned into wooden scale models that we have seen so far are supercars, sports cars and even historical icons.

This time, though, YouTube The Art of Woodworking chose the Toyota Camry as the muse for his newest project. As many of you know, the Camry has been the best-selling sedan in the US for two decades, which makes this woodcraft practically automotive art for the masses.

But that doesn’t mean it’s any easier than any other piece we’ve seen on this channel. Since this eighth-generation model (internally coded XV70) is the sportiest-looking Camry to date, you can imagine the set of chiseled lines and curves used on the scale models.

As seen in the video at the top of this page, the process is tedious. The front and rear fascias come with lots of details, such as mesh grilles and other crooked lines – all of which the artist can capture in his work. We really liked the moving parts involved, like the doors, hood, trunk, side mirrors and wheels. Even the interior received a detailed representation, as did the working front and rear suspension and steering mechanism.

It took Artist 35 consecutive days to complete the project. Using a type of wood called Fokieni, he uses a variety of processes to finish the job, including hand carving, machine cutting, and other carpentry tools.

If you are interested in these wood crafts, know that the artist sells the crafts. We suspect that you can also assign certain jobs with it, though we don’t have any information on pricing. You can contact the artist by sending an email to

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