MotoGP: Did Pecco Bagnaia choose the number 1? Yes, but it’s not what you think

Will Pecco Bagnaia do like Casey Stoner, or will he continue with his number? Rossi’s Ranch could give us the answer…

Pecco Bagnaia, the test of 1 – MotoriNews

Ducati the 2022 season will be remembered for a long time MotoGP that Superbikes it was something that has never happened before, continue the red party for a decidedly stellar year. Looking at the World Championship, I’m sorry Bagnaia is experiencing its moment of glory thanks to second iris career after the one conquered in Moto2. But for the Piedmontese driver there is another dilemma towards the next world season: what number will he use? He will keep his #63adopted when he moved to MotoGP, or will go so far use the 1? However, we can say that in a certain sense it is already doing the evidence with the sample number…

Bagnaia thinks about it

There is still a long way to go until the start of the next MotoGP season. There is plenty of time to decide, even if by now we know the “difficulty” of the pilots in betting on that very heavy number… But Pecco Bagnaia apparently wants to give it a try. In the World Cup? Definitely not: these days there will be the 100 km of Champions at the well-known Tavullia Ranch. A local challenge that Valentino Rossi & co have been reproducing for years now, however calling more and more riders of international caliber and of various two-wheeled specialties to rally. The motocross ace Gautier Paulinthe Enduro world champion and future Dakarian Alex Salvinithe Moto3 rookie-champion and best Moto2 rookie Pedro Acostathe MotoE 2019 champion Matthew Ferrari, just to name a few. On this occasion he will make his first outing with the number 1 on his bike, he underlined it himself via social media. Whether it’s a clue in optics 2023?

Bagnaia like Stoner?

It used to be obvious to see the number 1 on the bike reigning champion. Now, however, it has become quite an event rareespecially in the World Championship. I’m sorry Bagnaia will he really dare to bet on the number 1? Many before him said no: the last one was his predecessor, the 2021 world champion Fabio Quartararowho did not want to part with his #20. superstitionbut also issues of sponsors which now bind the pilots to their number. Speeches that have not touched a certain Casey Stoner: after what has long been the only Ducati iris, he disputed the 2008 with the 1 colored with its Australian flag. Which he also repeated in the 2012 after his second title, this time with Honda. Bagnaia will follow in his footsteps”master DucatiWill Stoner or will he keep his #63? We will only know this later but who knows, maybe there trial at the Ranch it is enough convincing

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