MotoGP, Fabio Quartararo: “Marc Marquez is my favourite, that’s why”

Fabio Quartararo does not hide his esteem and respect for Marc Marquez. Especially after everything that’s happened.

Quartararo and Marquez champions of respect – MotoriNews

There MotoGP is made up of challenges, duels between talents to secure the world title. All grown up in the shadow of past champions, a push to emulate them and climb to the top of the world one day. Fabio Quartararo it is no different, even if its reference model has changed over time. As a child, the French champion was a Valentino Rossi fansnow instead look specifically at Marc Marquez. The reason? The 2021 MotoGP world champion himself explained it, once again giving a demonstration of respect for the opponents, something that had already been seen on several occasions over the years.

Quartararo fan of Marquez

We have already witnessed a couple of heated duels between these two talents of the current era. But we have to go back backwards over time, precisely to the 2019 season. Marc Marquez was heading confidently towards his eighth MotoGP title, Fabio Quartararo instead, despite the grumblings for a debut for many undeserved, it has become the revelation of the year. The Yamaha standard bearer, who still lacked inconstancy, with an M1 from the Petronas satellite team managed to show the green mice to the ruler of the last decade! But before the long and difficult ordeal which Marquez then had to deal with since his injury at Jerez 2020… But that’s what attracted theAttention by Quartararo. “As a child my favorite was Rossi, when I grew up Marc Marquez” El Diablo told “I have a great respect for him and, after all he’s been through, even more. He’s very strong mentally.” A demonstration has already been seen several times: while others complained about Marquez in the wakeQuartararo has never made a fuss. “He’s in trouble, it’s not a problem” had said on the subject, emphasizing the hard time of Spanish. Who always thanked him for these small gestures.

What a challenge that would be with #93

Since three years Marc Marquez has abandoned the world challenge, precisely for the serious difficulties physics he ran into. But the story of him is very similar to that of Fabio Quartararo. The two only talents able to squeeze the most out of their respective bikes, clearly inferior to those that have now become the Ducati racing cars. The Spaniard is the only one who flies on HondaFrench is the only one who knows how to bring the Yamaha. 2019 is distant, it would be interesting to review a head to head with the current versions of Marquez and Quartararo, of course much changed since. Let’s hope we don’t have to wait too long…

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