Why using a bowl of water in your car saves you a lot of gas money?

To date, all motorists in the world are looking for the solution and the ideal method to save money on petrol.

bowl in the car
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fuel costs, despite the cut in excise duties, they have skyrocketed and for this reason they have become a source of concern for all Italians who empty their wallets just to refuel.

Many people have even gone so far as to choose not to use their car or their own motorcycle to go to work or university, at school, preferring public transport and giving up their independence in order to save money.

Unfortunately everyone is making sacrifices which, however, apparently are of very little use. Furthermore, as if that weren’t enough, at the disproportionate prices of petrol, the prices of gas and electricity also add up, which have become truly unthinkable.

How to save petrol in a devastating economic period

But don’t worry, because as far as saving on petrol is concerned, there are solutions that can come in handy, which do not involve any expense, northere is no risk, quite the contrary.

In particular, it is a method that allows you to save on consumption and drive safely at the same time. The following method refers to a bowl of water.

As strange or trivial as it may seemis a trick that allows you to drive better, with caution, sboth in the city and outside the city, doing good not only for themselves, but also for others and obviously for their wallets.

What you have to do is simply place a bowl with water inside on the passenger side seat, or behind it. In this way, you are forced to brake regularly, slowly, so as not to overturn the bowl.

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That’s what the bowl of water on the seat method is for

Probably someone is now wondering what is the reason. The reason is one, when accelerating or decelerating sharply and you switch from one speed to another not gradually, petrol is wasted unnecessarily.

So instead you are forced to maintain a constant speedsaving fuel, avoiding sudden sudden braking, irregular acceleration and deceleration that put your life at risk because they can cause accidents.

In a nutshell, the water bowl replaces a rare and precious object that must be transported with caution to prevent it from getting damaged. In this case it is only water, so if the bowl falls, do not worry.

At most the only thing that what can happen is that the seat gets wet, but in a few minutes it becomes as dry as before. The game is worth the candle.

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