What does this small arrow in the shape of a triangle on the petrol symbol mean?

All of us have undoubtedly noticed the presence of a triangle-shaped dart positioned on the petrol symbol.

Gasoline arrow symbol
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There are those who ask questions and immediately go looking for answers and those who just do it when faced with problems and inconveniences.

That arrow points to the fuel tank. In this regard, a very serious question arises which leads us to the question that everyone has always asked.

The question is: is it Is it better to keep the fuel tank half full or half empty?

Gas tank, which is better to keep it, half full or empty?

Opinions on this matter are very conflicting. The truth is that both one solution and the other have pros and cons, so it is not possible to give a definite answer by going in favor of one or the other.

You have to evaluate well also on the basis of the use made of the machineif you travel for many kilometers or only within the country and therefore you have the opportunity to keep the fuel more or less always at the same level.

Both petrol and diesel have weight, an always full tank affects consumption. So a heavy car consumes much more than a light car. Having a full tank is on the one hand an advantage, on the other hand a disadvantage because it involves more waste and consumption.

Moreover, in the summer in old cars that have the seals damaged by time, not properly checked or replacedit may happen that when refueling, the car loses petrol, because the heat makes its volume increase, so it goes out.

On the other hand, keeping the tank empty can be a problem. Most of the risks have to do with the fuel pump always working under stress.

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What happens if you face a journey with the car in reserve

So when you have to travel, especially if you have to face long journeys, it is better to avoid keeping the car in reserve or with low fuel level which does not reach the middle of the tank, because it can cause overheating and breakage of the medium.

Keeping the car tank empty or almost empty means always having dirty filters, because the sediments accumulate towards the bottom. When the tank is full, the petrol is clean, but when it is half empty, the fuel is collected together with some sediments in the long run they even ruin the engine.

Furthermore, an empty tank is predisposed to the formation of condensate in the empty parts which freezes the supply pipe and damages it. The arrow indicates which is better always keep it half full.

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