fines of up to 7,500 euros

In the last period, checkpoints have intensified for the control of an illegal custom put into practice by some motorists. What’s going on? If you commit this move, you risk very heavy penalties, up to several thousand euros. Here is everything you need to know in order not to run into any kind of problem.

checks and fines
checks and fines – Motori.News

Checkpoints are normal checks carried out by the police on urban and extra-urban roads. They are not reported in advance, as is the case for speed cameras. The agents check that everything is fine and that the driver is in possession of all the documents and psychophysical requirements to drive the car.

At a checkpoint, anyone is forced to stop following instructions from the police. In most cases, these are very normal and short checks to ascertain that everything is in order.

There application for license and booklet it’s the most classic of agents’ requests, but sometimes the check can go beyond that. If the agents have a doubt that something else is not in order, they can check other aspects as well. One of them is related to gas.

In fact, they have every right to track down the fuel ‘scoundrels’. But what are we talking about? Here’s everything you need to know about an absolutely illegal move, which can weigh heavily on the offenders’ finances. Let’s see all the specific details.

Gasoline Inspection Officer Checks: Here’s What You Can’t Do!

The increase in the price of petrol and diesel is one of the many problems with the cost of living in recent times. The outbreak of war in Ukraine and the consequent international tension caused the prices to rise in every sector, including those related to fuel.

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Furthermore, from December the Government will lower the discount on excise duties implemented in recent months by about 12 cents. A further blow for millions of Italians. They are a lotso, people who try some gimmicks to reduce the cost of a full tank of fuel. But these methods are totally illegal. What are we referring to?

In the last period, the argument relating to the insertion of theseed or rapeseed oil in the tank instead of normal fuel. First, it is good to anticipate how this alternative method can be done only for diesel engines and not for petrol ones. But it works?

Petrol seed oil
Seed oil instead of gasoline: this move is totally illegal. You risk a very heavy fine – Motori.News (Source: Google)

Many people reiterate how inserting this element instead of diesel can be validprovided you see minor performance of your car. Otherinstead, they claim that seed oil can seriously damage the engine if inserted for a prolonged and not sporadic time. In fact, this oil is not subjected to the natural process and chemical treatment of diesel. The residues, therefore, would damage the engine.

But this – in addition to being a highly dangerous method for the regular functioning of your car – it is also something absolutely forbidden. In fact, it constitutes a crime for non-payment of excise duties on energy products.

The agents could become aware – also thanks to a substantially different smell of fuel than the norm – of the scam. And if so, the sanction can reach very high sums.

Anyone who evades the payment of excise duties goes against it Article 40 of Legislative Decree 504 of 10/26/1995. You go to the criminal and the risk is to suffer one sentence of six months and up to three years of imprisonment. Furthermore, the payment of the the fine will never be less than 7,500 euros. Why risk it?

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