What is this device that we find on traffic lights for? Unthinkable

Traffic lights are important because they allow you to keep the roads under control and regulate traffic at any time of the day even if not in the presence of traffic agents or law enforcement agencies.

device that we find on traffic lights
Device that we find on traffic lights – Motori.News

Over time these security systems have evolvedas a result they have changed, so if before someone who committed offenses managed to get away with it, today it is much easier to get caught at the first mistake because there is no margin of tolerance.

It doesn’t take much to receive a fine directly at home, without even realizing it, because absolutely nothing escapes the electronic eye.

More and more innovative traffic lights, this is what is changing

Traffic lights, as well as any other electrical or electronic device, they have gotten smarter over the years. There are those for pedestrian crossings, those that have sound panels for the blind, which warn and inform about the remaining time to cross.

Then there are the intersections equipped with cameras, that you really need to pay attention to. We are controlled 24 hours a day, on all streets, especially in big cities. Consequently, one should not be surprised if one is caught red-handed on a first offense.

Ovoid camera
Traffic lights – Motors.News

The new traffic lights have an extra device, that’s what it’s for: it’s not like everyone thinks

Lately we’ve seen brand new traffic lights around, which have something special and for this reason they have attracted the attention of many motorists. The latter became suspicious because they thought they were cameras installed on traffic lights to measure speed.

The fear that this is the case is legitimate given that they look like speed cameras and given that we are all aware of the fact that many motorists whiz by at night even if the traffic light is red, exceeding, among other things, the speed limit imposed for the urban center of 50 km per hour.

In reality, the new traffic lights have an extra device which is not a surveillance camera as is suspected. These are small devices that have another function more than useful that many have been waiting for a long time, which has nothing to do with sanctions nor with undisciplined motorists.

It deals with of smart traffic lights that avoid the formation of very long queues, which monitor the number of cars queuing for each intersection road. In this way, the waiting time from one side to the other is reduced by autonomously deciding when it is appropriate to change the color of the traffic light to clear the traffic.

These new traffic lights are poised to change the lives of millions of motorists who are always in a hurry.

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