Car parks with free top-ups from Lidl, cunning users leave their cars all day to latch up

Lidl supermarkets’ free-to-charge parking spaces have become a problem for electric car owners: here’s why.

Lidl car parks with free top up
Lidl car parks with free top-up – Motori.News

German chain supermarkets LIDL extension they are among the most attentive in Italy to provide solutions even for those who own a zero-emission car. In fact, the parking lots are equipped with completely free parking columns for rechargingwhich therefore allow you to “fill up” the car while shopping.

The problem is that their zero-cost nature attracts the attention of those who live nearby or are aware of the presence of these columns and decide to leave your car in charge even without having to go shopping.

There are now several testimonials from LIDL customers equipped with an electric car that they are unable to recharge while shopping because they find the columns occupied by vehicles that have evidently been there for a long time.

LIDL car parks with free top-ups that are always busy: the controversy is mounting

A user recounts the case of his wife, who had gotten into the habit of shopping at LIDL just to take advantage of the charging wall box during the 30 or 60 minutes it takes to complete your purchases.

LIDL parking electric car charging
Electric car charging LIDL parking –

However, in the last two months, the charging stations were often occupied by cars that remained freely attached to the socket even for several hours and not by owners who were about to do the shopping.

The matter gets worse if you think that it was often expensive Tesla cars or, in some cases, even of new machines being refilled by dealerships. The user says that his wife therefore preferred to opt for other supermarkets, which offer paid or free top-ups but with limited time and where there is therefore no “traffic” problem.

Words that are confirmed by another owner of an electric car, who recounted a very specific case: some Teslas which, around noon, they had been occupying the columns for about 4 hours with owners obviously not present inside the supermarket.

LIDL extension for its part, it can do very little, evidently relying on the common sense of the Italians as regards the correct use of these free charging stations, a luxury that should not be underestimated.

A LIDL supermarket
A LIDL supermarket –

The chain has, as we have said, German origin and is probably accustomed to the zeal and precision of its fellow citizens. Different speech apparently for Italy, where we always want to be recognized exploiting an essential service in the wrong way for those who have chosen to rely on a zero-emission car.

For the moment, it seems that LIDL does not want to take action o modify the methods of use of the service, for example by adopting time limits. We must therefore rely on the common sense of people, who understand that they should not occupy spaces that would be reserved for another kind of use.

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