The new transponder that limits the speed of your car is mandatory, driving will never be the same again

Technology is slowly changing our lives and habits, even those that each of us has in the car.

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There is one device in particular that it will soon become mandatory on all newly registered cars and which cannot be missing, by law.

Obviously this involves extra costs as well as risks, but nothing can be done about it if you don’t accept the innovations that are in step with the times anyway.

Advantages, risks, disadvantages, cars protagonists of law changes

These are advantages, risks and costs, all in a single solution, which have to do with the presence of speed limiters on all new cars that will be registered starting from 7 July 2024.

The legislation has already been in effect since last July, but it was and is until now, only on newly approved cars, or on some models on the market or which will be launched soon.

This rule follows the European Union Directive 2019 2144 which was approved a few years ago, in November 2019. The imposition will soon be extended to all new cars that will be sold starting from July 7, 2024.

It is a gradual obligation to use the speed limiter, which according to the experts is considered the only solution that allows to drastically reduce road accidents and road deaths.

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What will soon change for new cars

According to the latest research carried out by the Norwegian Institute for Multi-Disciplinary Transport Research, accidents involving cars and motorcycles have increased significantly over the last which this technology initially incorporated as an option on some cars it has become essential.

It is a technology that can detect the presence of road signs, using a video camera that works with GPS localization. This informs the motorist that on the road that you are traveling specific speed limits are active, which must be respected.

The system limits engine power and prevents acceleration beyond the pre-set limit if the driver continues to depress the accelerator pedal with disinterest. In this way, kilometers per hour are lost without having to resort to sudden braking, which may put passengers at risk, as well as the other cars behind.

As soon as the system recognizes that the speed on the signs and that of the car is higher than the one indicated, it causes a message to appear on the dashboard inviting you to reduce your speed. Then yes activate light and sound signals. If the speed doesn’t change, the car slows down by itself.

Through this system it is expected that at least 30% of accidents and 20% of road deaths can be saved. For now it’s not possible, but later on probably yes: the system it can be deactivated at any time.

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