Car keys, press this button for 8 seconds: incredible what happens

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Even car keys can hide a little secret: maybe you didn’t know what happens if you press the button for 8 seconds.

Key button
Key button – Motori.News

Except for some particular models, or utility cars in the basic version, all modern cars they are equipped with an electronic remote control which allows you to immediately open and close the car doors by activating the alarm.

Operation is really very simple: two buttons each dedicated to opening and closing the machine. In some cars there is also a third fret which is usually used to release the trunk: it is found in larger cars or, almost always, in commercial vehicles.

However, we are not always well informed about what a remote control integrated in the car keys would allow us to do: didn’t you know that by holding down the opening button for a certain period of time you can take advantage of a little-known function.

What happens if you press the opening button of the car for a few seconds

Let’s talk about something that will be particularly useful for you in the summer, when it’s too hot and we have a habit of leaving the windows open to let the air in when we get into the car.

Locking doors with car keys
Locking doors with car keys –

And if we wanted to anticipate this operation in order to find the interior a bit less hot? The secret lies right in the car keys: just press the door opening button for eight seconds to lower all windows automatically.

It is a function that is present in all the latest generation cars. Of course, the converse is also true: Did you park fearing you might leave a window open or are you sure you didn’t? Press and hold the car locking button for about 8 seconds and you will see that all the windows will go up as if by magic.

Mind you, we are not talking about who knows what revolution, but we are dealing with the classic convenience that allows us to make using the car easier.

Discovering this trick you will say goodbye to the car too hot in summer and if you forget the windows open you won’t have to run backwards like crazy again: just get into the habit of holding down the button a few seconds longer than usual, so you will always be sure that the car will have all the windows up once once you close it.

Of course, if you forget to close it, that’s another matter, but luckily the most modern cars also provide for this and warn you with a small honk if you are leaving with the key without locking it.

Car key buttons
Car key buttons –

The same applies if you have left a door open or closed incorrectly: the horn will always alert you in time for an error, allowing you to remedy it immediately.

In short, the modern cars they are now equipped with everything needed to increase our comfort: sometimes we don’t even know about certain functions but, as they say, it’s better to discover them late than never.

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