Motorcycles, goodbye exams to get a licence: all you need is this

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Motorcycles, today those who want to get a license to drive the most loved two-wheeled vehicle by young and old alike, no longer have to think about taking the driving test.

Bike goodbye exams
Motorbike farewell exams

This is thanks to some new laws pertaining to circulation. It is a revolution in all respects ready to change the lives of motorcyclists.

New regulations will come into force soonwhich have to do with obtaining a two-wheeled vehicle license which will be much easier for everyone.

The new laws on the license of two-wheeled vehicles

Now indeed you will no longer need to take the practical exam to get the pass. It will take much less. To have a driving license and therefore to drive a motorcycle without any engine capacity and power limits, you only need to attend a 7-hour course at a nearby authorized driving school.

From this year it will not be mandatory to take the practical exam che has shattered the dreams of many motorists for years and years. There are conditions for a young person or an adult to be able to obtain a driving license without taking the practical test.

Obviously not everyone will be able to do it but only some categories of particular motorcyclists. That is, those who have already had the A1 and A2 license for at least two years.

As for the A1 driving licence, it is achievable from 16 years of agethrough this you can drive a motorcycle with an engine capacity of up to 125 cubic cm with a maximum power of 11 kW.

The second driving license, on the other hand, is obtainable once the age of majority is reached. Through the a2 license, motorcycles of 35 kW can be driven with a maximum power of 0.2 kW per kg.

European driving license facsimile
Motorcycles –

New for those who want to obtain the A3 driving license

The novelty concerns all those who want to get the A3 driving licence, that instead of following the course and then taking the practical exam to be able to ride a motorcycle, they will have to follow the course by relying on one of the two licenses or both, obviously valid.

To follow the course, it will only be necessary to contact the authorized driving schools present on the Italian territory. Therefore the user will have to wait for the day indicated on the site for the reservation which obviously has to be made on the portal, choosing the offices closest to his own country or city.

Then you will have to show up at the office, with the required documents, directly on the day of the call. Obviously, remember that when driving any vehicle and especially when driving two-wheeled vehicles, you must be careful and responsible for yourself and for others.

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