These are the best anti-theft devices for two wheels, make life impossible for thieves

Thieves, probably also due to the crisis that has put everyone in difficulty for quite some time now, have studied them all to carry out incredibly brilliant thefts risking as little as possible.

Wheel lock
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This is why motorists and motorcyclists must pay attention and open their eyes, trying to find the best method to put a spanner in their works and thus make the life of thieves a little more difficult.

2021 was the year of motorcycle thefts, according to estimates 21707 were carried out, i.e. 6% more than in 2020. 36% of these returned to the hands of the owners, while all the others no longer know what happened to themsince traces have been lost.

How thieves act by evading the steering lock

To prevent thieves from being able to take away the bikes without attracting attention, since time immemorial, the steering wheel lock has been used which, however, has never proved to be a truly effective system. why with a kick or a simple van you manage to take the scooter away or the bike in just a few minutes and without inconvenience, problems and obstacles of any kind.

What is needed is to resort to an anti-theft device that solves any unpleasant situation. The choice of the burglar alarm is important, so it is good to be informed. On the market there are electronic systems that must be inserted when the motorcycle is parked.

How to make the life of thieves difficult and find the bike in case of theft

There first thing to do is insert the engine block which comes into operation when you try to start the bike without the key. In this case it can be loaded on a van, to then be resold in spare parts and nothing more because it cannot be activated except if you act directly on the control unit. In some cases you can’t even do all of this, because you need to take the bike to the parent company.

Among the burglar alarms, the one that works the most is the siren that scares the intruder and warns who is nearby that something illegal is going on. These anti-theft sirens can be inserted directly on the bike when you buy it. Alternatively, you can act with geolocation, then insert the black box on the vehicle, perhaps through insurance. This records all movements thanks to GPS, in this way the position of the vehicle can be detected even remotely and find out where the thieves have taken him.

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