it costs you up to €1700

When you are at the toll booth, you have to pay attention to everything, because anything can happen.

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If you don’t want to get a hefty fineyou must avoid doing anything in particular that can seriously endanger yourself and others, as well as lead to a hefty fine of €1700.

An error that at first glance may seem trivial can be the cause of a thousand problems. Some prohibited moves can trigger crazy fines, these are dangerous behaviors punished by law in a severe way that we all need to know.

What happens and can happen at the toll booth

When you get to the toll booth, you stick your hand out the window to pay, at which point the barrier goes up and you pass. Those who have Telepass do not have to do anything but pass because the system recognizes the device, the machine and then it raises the bar automatically.

The motorist as soon as the barrier lifts completely, can pass without problems and everything is resolved in seconds without going desperately looking for coins. Unfortunately, however, sometimes there can be small inconveniences which obviously generate panic and create confusion.

At that point you really don’t know what to do because you remain still, with the bar lowered and line behind your car. The only thing to do is wait for the qualified personnel who observe the situation at the toll booths from the cameras and who intervene if there are any should be complications like this.

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Why telepass doesn’t work, what not to do if you don’t want to get huge fines

The problem could derive from a defect in the device, the telepass which does not send the signal, the camera which can’t detect it. The cause can be any, but the consequences do not change.

The only thing to do is wait for the operator to be active, who reads the license plate number, then identifies the customer, raises the bar and here it is. everything is resolved in a few minutes without complications for anyone.

There are motorists who, in order not to wait, make very dangerous maneuvers such as reversing which can also cause a collision with other cars. Then there are also those who try it escape from the side of the toll booth, even more dangerous.

Should the motorist commit these infractions, he risks a fine ranging from €419 up to €1682, with the deduction of 10 points from the driving licence. It all gets worse just in case the offense should be committed by a novice driver.

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