In Naples they are all driving around with Polish plates, the motivation is crazy

Something improbable is happening in Naples, many motorists are driving around the capital and throughout Campania, with vehicles registered with foreign plates.

Polish registration Naples
Polish license plate Naples – Motori.News

Many of these come from Eastern Europe, in particular from Poland, which is a bit strange even if everyone expects everything from Campania.

In Naples, the young but also the less young defy the law only as a matter of personal satisfaction and pride.

In Naples many do not respect the law, this is what is happening in recent weeks

And so no one wears a helmet, even to their own detriment because in the event of an accident, it is the worst of it just the smart guy on duty.

Then everyone whizzes by without respecting the speed limit imposed by the highway code, to conclude many vehicles are registered as they shouldn’t be. The result is that many Polish plates are circulating in Italy, perhaps more than those found in Warsaw.

Obviously they are not only from Poland, but a bit from all nations. It seems absurd, yet it is true. Just take a tour to confirm all of this.

Who wonders why, actually would have the answer at hand. This is a trick that all those who want to save money do. The savings come because those who own a non-Italian vehicle pay less insurance than the norm.

It happens because the vehicle pays the insurance according to the rate of the country written on the license plate itself. Which means paying much less than in Italy, especially now with the prices that are there. As long as no one says anything, these smart guys will continue to wander around Italy undisturbed.

How the registration of vehicles from Poland works

In general, vehicles with Polish license plates are registered in the Eastern European country, then they are made out to a nominee or to people who they have false documents. It doesn’t take much and the game is done.

Please note that by law in Italy all vehicles with foreign registration plates can circulate for at least one year. Aonce this time limit has elapsedyou risk having to pay huge fines and more.

The situation then worsens in the event of an accident occurring in Italy, in fact in this case many things need to be reviewed and evaluated in order to understand the extent of the damage, separate the blame and bring it up related insurance. However one thing is certain, for those who are not in good standing, big troubles are foreseen.

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