The most dangerous roads in Italy, accidents here are countless: you travel them every day

There are roads all over the world that are clearly dangerous. The problem has also affected Italy, where some roads have a very high danger index.

most dangerous roads in italy
Most dangerous roads in Italy –

Because of this ACI has created a specific classification of the most dangerous Italian roads, following a study carried out taking into account the number of accidents per kilometre.

Urban highways have been identified as roads with the highest accident density due to heavy traffic and presence of different vehicles. But let’s see in detail which are the most dangerous roads in our country.

An increase in road accidents

A study conducted by ACI, analyzed approx 31,407 eventsof which the number of deaths has reached 1.078or 37.5% of the total, and have been registered 47,740 wounded on more or less 53,000 km of Italian roads. It shows an average fatality rate of 3.4 people who die for every 100 accidents. A greater danger is found in urban areas, with 73% of accidents, 22% on extra-urban roads and 5% on motorways.

Compared to 2019, pre-Covid period, both accidents (5,119 fewer) and deaths (179) are decreasing. Toll roads inevitably lead to more accidents involving vehicles (71.5% against 73.8% in 2019), means of transport (22.9% against 20.4% in 2019) and motorbikes (5.3%) .

the most dangerous roads in italy
The most dangerous roads in Italy –

A large number of accidents occur in June, July and August and are concentrated between 19:00 and 20:00 and on Fridays, but the mortality is highest at the beginning of the year, in January to be exact. Unfortunately, the very high mortality rate affects the most vulnerable users (38.5%, of which 10% are pedestrians, 3.5% cyclists and 25% motorcyclists).

The most dangerous roads in Italy

Again according to a study conducted by ACI, analyzing the number of accidents per kilometre, the section of theA24 motorway from Rome to Teramo (with 10.00 accidents per km) and the Capodichino branch of the A1 (with 8.13 accidents per km), a road in Campania, are considered the most dangerous roads on the Italian road network. This is in line with data recorded a year earlier, in 2021.

These two roads have proved to be the most dangerous in Italy thanks to a high number of accidents per kilometer recorded. In third place we find theA90the Rome’s ring road (with 7.90 accidents per km). In these three very special cases, the accident rate is well above the national average of 1.03.

A24 motorway from Rome to Teramo
A24 motorway from Rome to Teramo –

As for the extra-urban roads, have an average of 0.5 accidents per km and the ranking is dominated by stretches located between northern and central Italy. Stands out in first place Statale 671 Interurban axis of Bergamo (with 5.98 accidents per km), in second place la Statale 106 ter Jonica (with 5.2 accidents per km) and in third place la State road 719 Prato – Pistoia (with 5.16 accidents per km).

But we don’t just have to be concerned, because the study also saw significant improvements, such as those that occurred on A8 in the province of Varese and on SS 036 of Lake Como, are the roads that show a sharp drop in accidents, while theA12 of Genoa, the SS 372 Teresa, the SS 121 Catania, the SS 16 Adriatic and theA13 of Bologna, show a drop in mortality.

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