Car lights, all those who do not turn them on after this time are being fined: penalties of up to €173

When driving, you must respect all the rules of the Highway Code, even those that have to do with lighting and therefore with car lights.

car lights
car lights –

All or almost all motorists often forget to turn on their car lights when they start driving flying at a certain time.

Yet to travel in order and avoid getting heavy fines, you have to consider some precautions and respect them. Minor oversights could end up costing you dearly.

Vehicle maintenance is essential starting with the tires which are the only point of contact between the vehicle and the road, but we often forget this and assume that they are in excellent condition. Then of course yesThe coupon and the revision, the respect of the signs are fundamental and the speed limits imposed on the road.

When it is mandatory to turn on the car lights

Car lights are very important, especially in some situations. In this regard, the law is very clear: anyone who does not respect the law risks receiving an unpleasant fine, even quite high. It is important to know that car lights must be turned on both for your own safety and obviously also for that of others, for safety reasons, both on the road and on the motorway. Not only at night or in the evening, but also during the day starting from a certain time slot, from sunset so while the sun is going down and natural lighting is lower.

In this case it is in these conditions the motorist has the obligation to pay attention and signal his presence on the road with the switching on of the car lights, to minimize the risk of accidents and involving pedestrians or other vehicles that are unaware of the arrival of the vehicle in the dark, or nearly so, while still at a distance.


How much is the fine

Car lights should always be checked before driving, because it is good to know if they are working perfectly or if there is something wrong. Anyone traveling with the lights off or not working, whether through distraction or forgetfulness, not only increases the risk of accidents, endangering themselves and others, but goes against article 152 and risks receiving an administrative fine that goes from a minimum of €42 up to a maximum of €173.

Often motorists forget to check the license plate lights, you need to know that these too must be turned on by law and must always be in working order. The license plate is essential to recognize the vehicle, moreover it must be clean, clear and legible at all times.

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