Bag of water on the windshield, why is everyone putting it there: unbelievable

Starting now, going around the city it could happen to see a car with a bag of water resting on the windshield.

bag of water on the windshield
Bag of water on the windshield –

Obviously at the time it might seem strange.

Yet a bag of water placed on the windshield can come in handy because it is able to solve problems very serious problems especially in winter, in colder areas.

Small morning discomforts, that’s why doing this thing is wrong

In the winter season we often find ourselves a having to defrost the windshield quickly because you are in a hurry, for example in the morning before going to work. Usually nobody knows how to fix the problem in seconds or minutes at the most.

We all do the same thing, or leave the machine on which in the meantime defrosts the glass and heats the room. There is nothing more wrong because in this way not only fuel is consumed but nature and the air are unnecessarily polluted.

There is a solution for defrosting the windshield but few know it. It was presented by a user on Tik Tok. This recommended to put a bag of water on the dashboard and wait a few seconds.

In this way, using a bag and hot water, the windshield is cleaned, without spending a penny and without having to wait for minutes.

Frozen winter windshield
Frozen windshield –

How to use the bag of water to defrost the windshield without having to wait with the engine running

Ultimately then, when the windshield freezes due to the cold, you have to fill a bag with hot water taken from the tap and then gently rub it directly over the glass of the car. The windscreen defrosts and becomes clean, transparent, like new.

This happens thanks to the heat of the water which melts the ice in seconds. The only thing to pay attention to is that hot water does not come into direct contact with the windscreen frozen as this can cause cracking.

If hot water is used, it is better not to place the bag of water directly on the glass but only near it to the dashboard.

Alternatively, you can take an old towel, immerse it in water and salt and then place it over the windows in the evening before going to sleep, closing it the doors hermetically.

In this way the windshield does not freeze because the salt lowers the freezing point of the water, consequently blocking the humidity. Otherwise, you can prepare an antifreeze solution with water and alcohol, which allows you to say goodbye to the scraper.

In short, the freezing morning at this point will no longer be a problem for anyone.

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