De Tomaso Teases A New P900 Hypercar, And It Debuts On November 29th

De Tomaso’s return to car production began in 2019 with the first P72 prototype. The automaker showed off the car again earlier this year, with customer deliveries expected to begin in 2023. But that’s not the only car from the company as it’s now teasing the P900, a mysterious new model made with lots of carbon fiber. .

De Tomaso posted three teaser images to Facebook, highlighting the car’s curved bodywork and purple carbon weave. The clearest photo shows the greenhouse-mounted side mirrors, which are identical in shape to those on the P72. They feature similar cut lines for doors; However, that’s probably the only styling feature shared between the two, as the P900 looks like it will come with side windows. Other photos show the aggressive bodywork with fins attached.

The second photo highlights one of the P900’s intakes. The picture makes it look even smaller and prettier than the P72 big spoon. The last image shows the vents on the inside of the front fender, facing the windshield from above the car. The P72 has large front wheel arches, which can go over to the P900 and offer plenty of room for additional ventilation.

Details about the powertrain will have to wait until the car’s official reveal is next week. The automaker tagged its Facebook posts with #V8, #V10, and #V12, which could indicate the powertrain it will accommodate. The P72 debuted with a Ford-sourced V8 producing 700 horsepower (515 kilowatts), and the prospect of a V10 and V12 engine may mean a future De Tomaso will produce even more power.

We’ll have all the details soon, including our first full look at the new bodywork. It could share some aspects with the P72, but the P900 could be a sleek looking car if any teasers were any indication. The car is noticeably more hardcore than the P72, so it’s unclear whether the P72’s gorgeous interior will fit into the P900. It could be of a similar style but with a different material. De Tomaso will reveal the P900 next Tuesday, November 29. The automaker doesn’t specify a time.

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