Mick Schumacher, badly shot by the mechanics: “stop it now”

Abu Dhabi was Schumacher’s last race in Formula 1. This is why the German would have liked so much to greet the public and his colleagues with 360° laps, which however were denied.

Schumacher badly blocked
Schumacher badly blocked – motori.news

Schumacher will make way for Nico Hulkenberg by 2023, much to the chagrin of Formula One enthusiasts, but that’s life.

At the end of his last race something happened that no one could have ever expecteda microphone conversation is driving everyone crazy.

What happened during the race, the exchange between Schumacher and his track engineer

During the race, Schumacher was probably stopped by his race engineer at Ayao Komatsu while he was about to make some donuts, or 360° turns. One can only speculate about what could have happened and what they may have said.

Probably Ayao stopped Mick by telling him that he couldn’t have greeted the crowd with laps and that he is aware of it.

Still according to the hypothesis, Schumacher would have replied to him ‘Okay Ayao, I love you too’. Anyone today is wondering what could be the reason for the ban. Most likely the purpose was to protect the machine components in view of the tests that will take place on Tuesday.


Schumacher says goodbye to Formula One, like many other champions

Unfortunately, after only two seasons, Michael Schumacher’s son will leave the most prestigious car championship in the world. His have been two seasons full of too many lows and few highs.

We cannot then leave out the detail of the relationship with team principal Gunther Steiner who never took off. All these reasons probably led the US team to liquidate him despite the fact that the son of art is only 23 years old and after all is promising.

According to some, this it was a real humiliation. According to others it is only the fruit of the consequence of carrying such an important name on one’s shoulders. Everyone expected the best from him, inevitably. But talent is personal, it is not handed down.

To say goodbye this year, I’m also Sebastian Vettel, Daniel Ricciardo who terminated his contract with McLaren early in order to make room for Oscar Piastri. Nicholas Latifi will also be missing, in his place will be Logan Sargeant.

In short, this year for Formula 1 is a year of renewals. 2023 will begin with many new promises, so it’s already quite promising.

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