Fiat Panda, here’s where to get it at km0 at a very discounted price

Are you looking for the beloved Fiat Panda? Now we reveal where you can buy it at 0 km at a really convenient cost.

Fiat Panda
Fiat Panda –

There Fiat Panda it is one of the most loved and sold cars among Italians. Born for the first time in 1980 based on designs by Giorgetto Giugiara, it made a comeback in 2003 thanks to the launch of the second model, which is practically the parent of all the Pandas we see now in circulation, after the further renewal that took place in 2012.

In more than 40 years of history, the total production of Pandas has reached a near number to the 8 million specimensrenewing its success time after time with each model put on the market.

The first series is a now historic car, which the older of us will remember as the cars of our parents or grandparents, but which over time has also become a iconic carsuch as to unleash even the hilarity of the web with very powerful processing to also send on the track.

The second series, as mentioned, is the one that gave way to a relaunch of the brand also from the point of view of the market. The change of volumes has transformed the Panda into one small people carrier much appreciated by families and novice drivers: we can say that the “new” Panda was the first car of many of us.

Fiat Panda Hybrid
Fiat Panda Hybrid –

With the third series we continued on the same line aiming, in recent years, also at low carbon market with hybrid and even fully electric models. In this regard, one thing should be remembered: the Panda Electra it was one of the first electric-powered cars to be marketed. It was 1990.

Where to buy a km0 Fiat Panda at extremely affordable prices

Having briefly summarized the history of the legendary Fiat Panda, let’s now go and see what prices we can expect to buy one of the latest models, referring in particular to what a very reliable portal like offers us.

Let’s talk about one Fiat Panda Model 1.0 Hybrid FireFly S&S that you can have at 14,325 euros with VAT already included in the price. Registered on October 31, it has a manufacturer’s warranty valid until October 31, 2024.

You can book it online directly on the official website by providing only a advance of 344 euros which will then be automatically deducted from the final balance. Should you change your mind before signing and accepting the sales contract, you will be fully refunded to your credit card.

Fiat Panda Hybrid Interior
Fiat Panda Hybrid Interior –

Car features include “Grigio Moda” color, black/grey fabric interior, a 70 horsepower 999cc Mild Hybrid engine and 51 kW, front-wheel drive, manual gearbox for combined cycle consumption of 4.9 liters per 100 kilometres. Therefore perfect for city needs, for novice drivers and for those looking for an excellent car at a fantastic price that can also be fun.

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