Motorcycles: if you have removed the db-killer, put it back immediately, the fine is now very high, almost €2,000

The motorcycle exhaust db-killer is essential for regular road use: fines are a real blow.

Bike: if you have removed the DBkiller put it back on immediately
Moto: if you have removed the Dbkiller put it back on immediately –

The less experienced will probably not know the functions of db-killer: we are talking about a mechanical device that is mounted in the motorcycle exhaust silencer. Its appearance, very often, is that of metal meshes placed one on top of the other or of a plate with a hole: the objective is however to hinder the outflow of the discharge lumen.

Why are they used? Because in addition to a power management talk are needed in order to reduce the noise emitted by motorcyclesso that the discharges can fall within the limits established by law in this sense.

However, one has the bad habit of remove the db-killerAfter all, motorcyclists love to hear the “rumble” of their two-wheeled jewel and removing this device allows for a louder and more full-bodied sound. A very widespread practice, but if you have done it too, know that it is obviously illegal and is severely punished by the Highway Code.

What happens if the db-killer is removed from the bike? What are the fines expected?

The legal limit on noise emissions is to be found in a value between 74 and 80 decibels: varies according to the engine capacity of the motorbike. It’s a mandatory device and there’s no getting away from it: you also have it on your bike and you absolutely can’t remove it.

Motorcycle exhaust
Motorcycle exhaust –

In addition to a speech related to noise, removing the db-killer makes motorcycle riding more dangerous: this is because the sound obviously increases also for the driver who may not hear other vehicles approaching and therefore cause serious accidents. The real risk is that of driving as if you were deaf.

Law enforcement agencies are equipped with a tool called sound level meter which is called upon to measure the level of decibels emitted by passing two-wheeled vehicles. In case a higher value than that foreseen by the Highway Code is detected, article 72 paragraph 1 letter B provides hefty fines which start from 87 euros up to 345 euros.

But be careful because there is an aggravating circumstance that would further increase the duty payable. Article 78 paragraph 1 reads as follows: “motor vehicles and their trailers must be inspected and tested at the competent offices of the General Directorate of Civil Motor Vehicles when one or more changes have been made to the construction or functional characteristics, or to the equipment devices indicated in articles 71 and 72, or the frame has been replaced or modified”.

Here, the minimum fine rises to 431 euros with a maximum of 1734 euros and withdrawal of the registration certificate until further review.

Sports bike exhaust
Sports motorcycle exhaust –

Finally there is the “light” caseor when annoying noises are caused by the way the vehicle is driven, how the exhaust is arranged and other actions related to traffic: the administrative fine starts from 42 euros and reaches a maximum of 173 euros.

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