The Lancia Delta makes its return in a modern key, with a unique design and super sports car technical equipment

The Lancia Delta is back: the iconic Italian car has been rebuilt and modernized from a project by Angelelli Automobili.

Lancia Delta
Lancia Delta –

The new Lancia Delta takes shape: Angelelli Automobili’s project aims to rebuild the iconic Italian car with four-wheel drive and high performance. Created by bringing together various patents filed by the Rome-based company, the car aims for a concentrate of nostalgia, design and latest generation technologies.

The company’s goal is to provide customers with a machine that is capable of guaranteeing the maximum performance on the road, on the track and on dirt roads, the terrain on which the Lancia Delta feels most at ease.

David Angelelli, CEO of the company, explained that the primary purpose is to provide a modern reinterpretation of a car that was able to triumph in numerous world championships during the 90s. The project is called Hintegral and was born after several years of study and, as mentioned, from the aggregation of various patents that belong to Angelelli itself.

The return of the Lancia Delta: the integrale takes shape

Hintegrale will hit the market in four versionsincluding a completely electric solution, because today’s automotive industry cannot do without a completely zero-emissions car.

Lancia Delta Hintegrale road
Lancia Delta Hintegrale road –

In any case, the base model will have a 280 horsepower 1.8 twin-turbo enginethen moving on to a version that integrates hybrid technology with two rear electric motors and a 1.8-litre engine: all of which will result in a total combined peak power of well 400 horsepower and four-wheel drive.

There will also be a second hybrid model with a 1.8-litre biturbo engine flanked by two electric motors placed on the rear axle: here the combined power will reach a peak higher than 550 horsepoweralways with four-wheel drive.

The configuration totally electric will fish liberally from the industry of zero-emission technologies. The electric motor will have a power exceeding 700 kW and, of course, four-wheel drive. The design will take advantage of a system of air flows inside the body designed to “glue” the car to the road thanks to 12 active aerodynamic appendages.

Along with this is the support of a electronics system which manages the angles of incidence during acceleration, braking and speed, for an overall downforce that can vary from 400 to 700 kg.

Engine and steering wheel will come directly from the world of sports competitions: the dashboard is ultra-technological, with a single touchscreen LED screen that can be completely customized according to the needs of the pilot. Also pay attention to the Head-Up display with Virtual Reality and interactive functions inserted directly on the helmet.

The new Lancia Delta Hintegrale
The new Lancia Delta Hintegrale –

The frame will instead be composed of a single monolithic structure which will have no screws, joints or welds. All this comes after studies conducted on Generative Design which was designed to give life to a structure capable of recalling organic forms. Think that any piece will be created by an automatic machine designed for aerospace engineering.

We close with the technological equipment: no rear view mirrors, thanks to the presence of exclusive 360-degree panoramic vision technologies and Virtualmind Real always at 360 degrees. The availability of sensors with GPS, central electronic system and various aids that will support the car in its sporting performance is very rich.

So you understand that the new Lancia Delta Hintegrale aims at a very particular and expert segment of the public: prices will start from 145,000 eurosbut they will be able to touch one million euros in the 600 horsepower version called Rally One.

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