Speed ​​cameras, fine for exceeding the 1km/h limit: the protest is triggered

A motorist has been fined by the speed camera for exceeding the speed limit of one kilometer per hour, maximum two. Protests were triggered following receipt of the fine.

fine for exceeding the limit
Fine for exceeding the 1km/h limit – motori.mews

The episode happened in via Cadorna, on the road that connects Fossalta di Piave to Monastier. The driver’s one it was not an isolated case, because then 4 more were reported.

Lots of motorists have received a fine of €40 or €50 maximum, for exceeding the speed limit of 1 km per hour. After the stories were published on social media, they went around the web and inevitably sparked everyone’s amazement and indignation.

The cases that have sparked public outrage

The fine to the 5 motorists came after about two months, in some cases they did even more than one for the same cause. Exceeding speed detection dates back to the end of October for everyone.

The area we are talking about is an area in which the police always detect the speed, so all motorists declare that they usually pay attention and always respect the limits in order not to be fined.

In all 5 cases what appears absurd is that the exceeding the speed limit is only one kilometre. All users who have complained about the incident have also revealed that they have paid the fine of €40 or so, but are asking for greater tolerance.

The common opinion is that the common desire to make money in all waysis trying to earn in any way, but in the opinion of most this is more of an illegal method.

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The explanations given by Mayor Manrico Finotto on the issue of fines and speed cameras

The mayor Manrico Finotto intervened on the matter, who declared that he had confronted the local police of Fossalta to understand if the speed camera had been calibrated incorrectly. The answer was clear.

The fine comes because the speed is actually much higher, the limit is 50 km per hour, the cars were traveling at more than 56 kilometers per hour, with a tolerance limit of 5, whereby the difference is reduced, the limit is not exceeded by a single kilometre, but by more than 6.

So however angry you may get, perception to be fined for just one extra kilometer is wrong. It happens to run because you are late, just as it happens to get several fines always in the same one and to receive them almost all together.

But it is good to clarify that it is not a question of persistence. The speed camera as required by law is reported, so you just need to pay a little more attention.

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