the fine goes up to €100,000

The highway code tries to regulate traffic and the behavior of motorists, motorcyclists, cyclists and even pedestrians, on all urban and extra-urban roads.

the fine rises to 100,000 euros
Up to 100,000 euro fine –

There are some behaviors that are considered illegal, which cannot fail to be fined by the traffic agents. Many of these are dangerous infringements, the consequences are many, not only fines, but also deduction of points from the license.

In the most serious cases there is even talk of the suspension of the document. The checks especially in recent years, are increased, but this was inevitable as the number of road accidents increased, doubled or even tripled.

Accidents and non-compliance with the highway code, fines and deduction of points from the driving licence

The causes of accidents are many. At the top we find: speeding and driving under the influence. Then of course there are all the other behaviors that embarrass users on the road, for example failure to comply with the parking ban.

Many motorists and not only occupy the parking reserved for pregnant women or the disabled without having the right to do so. Among the heaviest fines ever, there is that of the prohibition of parking which ranges from 41 to 168 euros. In some serious cases, the deduction of 2 points from the license is also added.

It follows the infraction committed by motorists who do not respect the red light and therefore pass without considering the fact that this maneuver is particularly dangerous. In this case the fine ranges from €167 to €665 with the deduction of points from the licence.

Then there is parking in the disabled parking lot which is punishable by a fine ranging from €165 to €660 with the deduction of 4 points from the licence.

The fine for speeding, in this the fine ranges from €173 to €3382 if you exceed the speed limit by 60 km. To the fine in question is then added the reduction of 10 points or the suspension of the license for a period of time ranging from 6 to 12 months.

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What is the most dangerous behavior of all, which is followed by serious consequences

But be careful because there is particularly wrong and dangerous behavior that can result a fine ranging from €25,000 to €100,000. This has to do with participating in unauthorized speed races.

In this case the participants not only risk a fine for violating article 9 and article 9 bis of the Highway Code, but also imprisonment from 1 to 3 years.

Anyone who does not comply with the speed limits and the rules of the Highway Code by implementing a series of misconduct risks even very serious criminal consequences.

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