Insurance, you can’t drive so the fine ruins you: fines of up to €400

The insurance of both cars, motorcycles or any other means circulating on the road is an obligation and must always be paid, every six months or once a year at one’s choice, because it is an unexceptionable bond, behind which there are many risks and dangers.

insurance never circulate like this
Beware of insurance –

There are those who don’t pay it to save money in the hope of never being directly or indirectly involved in an accident and who instead pays it strictly without ever being late for fear of getting a fine. Especially in recent years there are many who do not pay it, due to the crisis they try to save on everything they can.

In fact if during a check by the Police or the Carabinieri it turns out not up to date with the insurance payment, you risk a very heavy fine, which is not convenient.

Car insurance, a protection for motorists and more

Car insurance is a protection for all motorists, covers from road accidents and any accident in which you can be involved. Having insurance is a priority whether you use the vehicle daily or rarely. Anyone who gets behind the wheel of an uninsured vehicle knowingly or unknowingly, goes against the highway code and risks very heavy penalties, as well as the suspension of the license in some specific cases, or in the most serious cases.

What happens in the event of a claim, with and without paid insurance

With regards to driving an uninsured vehicle, this is a behavior punishable by law in a serious form especially if you were to be involved in a road accident. In this case the fine ranges from €849 up to €3396. If you pay within 15 days of notification, you have the option of paying 50% less.

If, on the other hand, you were to be involved in an accident with the insurance paid having everything in order, the insurance company you have entrusted over the months and years, pays for the damages. In this case the user does not have to pay anything out of pocket.

To pay is your own insurance company that makes available to the user a important compensation of up to 6 million should people sustain significant damage and 1.22 million for any damage to property. This makes us understand that having open insurance on vehicles, whatever they are, is important because it not only covers the costs, but guarantees the person involved compensation which allows in any way and case, to live a peaceful and dignified life even if physical damage of a certain weight were to be sustained.

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