Officially released the long-awaited Toyota Prius, in Europe only in the plug-in hybrid version

The new Toyota Prius, the iconic car of the Japanese manufacturer, was presented. It also arrives in Europe, but only in plug-in hybrid.

Toyota Prius
Toyota Prius –

The new Toyota Prius is also preparing to make its debut on the old continent, focusing in particular on the hybrid segment. The Japanese company has presented the latest model of its iconic car launched for the first time in 1997: for the new generation, it looks to the low-emission market, with an eye to European regulations in this sense.

We already know how active Toyota is in its goal of achieving the carbon neutrality within the next few years and the new Prius has a fundamental role in the field of eco-sustainability.

The plug-in hybrid system of the latest generation of the Japanese company will be the protagonist of the new cars of this family which will therefore be able to count on an even more powerful electric motor generator flanked by a two-liter engine for a combined horsepower of 223 horsepower or 164 kW.

The work aimed at reducing carbon dioxide emissions also looked at aerodynamics, with a look designed to optimize the air flow and thus improve the car’s efficiency in terms of stability, control and consumption.

The new Toyota Prius looks to the future

The aerodynamics mentioned speech offers us the assist to speak in general of what is the construction of this new Prius, which can count on the second generation GA-C platform of Toyota New Global Architecture in order to have a further reduced weight and an increase in stiffness.

New Toyota Prius exterior design
New Toyota Prius exterior design –

Added to this is a better battery placement and the tank that contains the fuel: in general, The car comes with a lower trimwhich favors an immersive experience and a guide that looks to the sporting philosophy.

The driving position has in fact been revised downwards, while around, thanks to the concept Island Architectureone has the sensation of being inside a “clean” and spacious car, with controls and infotainment screen strategically positioned for greater ergonomics.

Speaking of performance, we have said that the overall power of the system is 223 horsepower, donated by the 160 horsepower (120 kW) electric motor in combination with the 2-liter TNGA powerplant producing up to 148 horsepower (111 kW). If you consider that the current generation hybrid configuration guarantees a power of 122 horsepower (90 kW), you understand that this is a significant increase.

The focus of improvement can also be seen in autonomy, which in EV mode provides 50% longer life than the current Prius. Credit goes to the installation of a 13.6 kWh lithium-ion battery: a compact package installed directly under the rear seats.

Interior new Toyota Prius
Interior of the new Toyota Prius –

And if we still want to talk about maximum energy efficiency, among the options there will be a solar panel roof which will allow us to generate clean energy for recharging the car.

The debut of the new Toyota Prius is expected in Europe in spring 2023: the price list has yet to be revealed, but a significant cost is also expected for the basic configurations given the technological solutions proposed by this latest version of an iconic car.

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