“They all get along, people are tired!” Back to MotoGP, and it doesn’t go unnoticed

MotoGP, there are problems. According to some, even the good relationship between all the riders isn’t helping…

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MotoGP, the “we love” doesn’t work? – MotoriNews

Rivalry full-field or just keep it on track? When it comes to riders in the World Championship MotoGP the border between the two choices is definitely subtle. However, it seems that currently the fastest guys in the world tend to maintain a report the most optimal and cordial possible off the track. Thus avoiding declarations of fire to the Rossi-Biaggi, which dragged the heated rivalry between the two Italian champions well off the track. Or even between Rossi and Lorenzowith the latter therefore not looking favorably on the “we loved it” current in MotoGP. And he’s really not the only one who thinks this way.

Straight leg return

Thanks to Speed ​​Up/Boscoscuro, Alonso López he’s back in the MotoGP World Championship, albeit in a different category, and he really hasn’t gone unnoticed. And we’re not just talking about results, even if those are already enough to define it great revelation of the year. With seven less Grands Prix, he risked wresting the Rookie of the Year title from the phenomenon Pedro Acosta! With whom he also had an intense confrontation in the last race of the year, a head-to-head tight and no holds barred. Up until the crash of the Spanish rider from the Boscoscuro team, who later went to talk to his colleague and apologize for somehits prohibited‘. The two riders have known each other for some time, even if something is changed. “He has drifted a bit” noted Alonso Lopez during an interview with Nico Abad on his Twitch channel. “Maybe he understood that we can fight on the track.” Then there is no missing dig referring to the climate present in MotoGP. “All pilots get along, Lpeople are tired. Pedro and I don’t have a bad relationship, but if we have to play it then we will.”

He has something for everyone, even in MotoGP

But the young Spanish driver, in addition to thinking about to emerge even more, look also to the premier class. To be precise, to a couple of brands of which it highlights the greater difficulty. “It’s hard to change a Japanese mind” Lopez ruled. The reference in primis is to Honda, the house for which he raced in the Moto3 era. Looking at the current disastrous situation in MotoGP, even if he had the chance it wouldn’t go there really. Difficulties that are also evident at home Yamaha. One would think that, after Suzuki’s withdrawal, these too are worrying signs, as if to indicate a “disinterest” Japanese for racing…

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