Lamborghini Preparing ‘Something Special’ In Supercar Segment


Lamborghini CEO Stephan Winkelmann hinted in a interview with Autocar that the production version of the Huracán Sterrato concept is one of four products the company plans to launch this year. Recent spy shots show the development of the vehicle.

“It’s a bit too early to talk about it, but be pleasantly surprised. Lamborghinis are always unpredictable. We have to play off the normal pitch, and I think we have a great opportunity to do something special in the super-sports car business that has not been seen so far,” said Winkelmann. Autocar when the publication asked him about the spy shots of the mysterious vehicle.

Winkelmann also discussed his preference for building vehicles that take the Italian brand in new directions, rather than reviving old designs. “Of course. Retro cars are good from time to time. I think the Countach is a great thing. But our brand has to look forward. We have to have a big windshield and small mirrors,” he said. Autocar.

Spy shots show the Hurcan having a revised front end that includes a skid plate protruding from the front of the vehicle. The development vehicle has light bars on the hood, but the yellow straps could be a hint that these illuminations were part of the final design.

Lamborghini also fits in with roof rails that allow owners to fasten their gear there. The double inlet scoop there circulates cold air to the engine.

This Huracan has a higher ride height. Although, it’s still not very high. The tires have more sidewall than the regular Huracan, and the tread pattern looks like it will provide some traction on surfaces other than the road.

It’s still possible that Lamborghini has some surprises to reveal about this model. The Sterrato Concept features large fender flares, a light bar on the roof, and a pair of LED strips on the front fascia. We wonder if any of these elements could be in a production car.


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